Mr. Flufferknuckles

This is my cat. His real name is Constantine Xavier Lucifer Apocalypse, so I've aptly made up a bunch of nick names for him, eg. Connie, Moshimon, Bubba, and Mr. Flufferknuckles. He's not especially obese really, just a little chubby. His fat waddles back and forth as he moves. The thing is he's always hungry, Always, and since he's figured out how to open the fridge, and get his treats down from the cupboard, I've taken to hiding them in a new place everyday just in case he happens to catch their scent. Maybe he's too sheltered, he's been an indoor cat his whole life, I've been trying to let him come outside with me every once in a while in the hopes that he'll eat something really nasty, and stop being such a fatty lumpkin. ...It's not happening. He ate part of a rabbit yesterday that had been dead for 4 days, and he still came in wanting to eat some of my cinnamon roll.

The Valkinova Legacy: 1.4
Hi everyone, or one... or none. =/ This is the second to last chapter before the heir poll. I would have written more. I was actually originally planning to do a feature update for each child before the poll, but something is wrong with my game, it's lagging, and I've been trying to fix it. So as a result this is what you get. I decided to make this chapter into two because getting everything in in one go ended up being harder then I thought. The next update will be shorter.
In the last chapter, Anzhelina and Akira grew up into teens, Adrian grew up into a child, and Aoi was born, and later aged up into toddlerdom. A random sim boy ended up added to my legacy lot, so now the Valkinovas have a ward named Arson. Dun dun duh!!! Nari and Morpheus became middle aged, and Aleksa and Ayame continue to hate each other.

Arson Leon, the new boy in the house, brown haired, and stripy shirt sporting, seems surprised to be suddenly part of a completely different household. 'What is this place...?,' he thinks to himself. Akira is looking out the study window when she spots him on the lawn below. Her mother had mentioned something earlier about getting a new addition to the household, but she wasn't expecting someone her age. She rushes out to greet him, he looks cold, and tired.
Akira: Hi. My mom told me you were coming. Did you have a safe trip?
Arson: *yawn* Yeah. I actually don't know how... I got here. I'm a little confused.
A little? I'm completely with you there Arson. I have no idea how you got here.
Akira: Well you should come inside. I think my mom made pancakes earlier. They're in the fridge. They're nothing special or anything, but it's food. We can't really afford much. *awkward pause* So...
Arson: So...
Aleksa: Ugh! Thomas, do you want to go somewhere else?
Thomas: Um...Why?
Aleksa: *glare*
Thomas: Okay! Okay!
Aleksa and Thomas walk away hand in hand, while the geeky girl, and the new boy stare nervously anywhere but at eachother.

A week passes and the kids seem to be taking the new addition well. They all get along as well as they ever did which for a select few isn't saying much. Arson has taken a gradual liking to Akira though she's completely oblivious to this fact. It is funny how he chooses consistently everyday to sit adjacent to her at the dining homework table broaching increasingly witty conversational topics that I would guess would be his attempt at "breaking the ice".
Arson: So Akira, I've heard the pool in town is nice. Do you... ever swim?
Akira: *concentrated stare at homework* No. I hate water.
Adrian: Someone's conversational skills at this table smell like garbage.
Aleksa: I second that.
Aleksa and Adrian are pretty close. A Mean spirit, and an evil soul tend to mesh I guess.
Arson: Speaking of garbage, no offense intended, but this whole place smells like a dump.
Akira: Hey, Aleksa I can help you with that if you want.
Arson: *ignored*
Aleksa: *laughs* Right. No I'm good Madame De Sael. It's writing not astrophysics.
Adrian: *snort*

Meanwhile Ayame gardens in her little oasis. She's quieter then she used to be as a little kid, avoiding her siblings at all cost.

And now for a question that has been weighing on my mind for a few days now:

Why is this guy in the house? He showed up last time for the girl's and Adrian's birthday, and again for Aoi's, and now for...? o_O?
Is it just me or does he look like the epitome of a creeper. He's even got the creep mustache. It adds to my disdain that he is also apparently a vampire. None of the family seems to notice him, and only Adrian got the hunted moodlet. So you're a pedophilic pervert and a stalker... *shudders*
Random creep: *licks lips*
-_-* Anyways... back to the story.

It is dawn on a Saturday, and the kids are still in bed save one who groggily opens the front door upon hearing a quiet knock. To her Chagrin this is what she finds.
Jack: Oh. *smirk* Hey baby, is Lina home?
Jack: Is that a no, or a yes?
Jack: Can I see-
She walks quietly to the side door of house making as little sound as possible. It takes her about 10 minutes to reach the top of the hill. She figures she's better off gone anyway, and on the plus side(if there is a plus side) she's never seen the sun rise.

Hello my Negative Nelly, my Sad little peach, what brings you all the way up here?
Ayame looks at the ground, her lips pulled down in a silent frown reminiscent of the ones her father used to give so long ago. Anti-smiles, Anti-people, Anti-Everything. That's what they should call her she thinks.
Ayame: Why am I here?
Ah. Existentialism.
Ayame: There isn't a point to my existence right? No point at all. I'm just a doll of life, a pawn in one big game of chess. Nobody would miss me if I was gone...
That isn't true Aya. I would miss you.

Back at the house, Jack knocks on the door again. 'This is the right house,' he thinks. That was her sister. What her deal was he doesn't know and if he is completely honest with himself he doesn't really care. He only wants to see Lina. Someone opens the door and he smiles.

Anzhelina: What are you doing here? It's so early... Aleksa was getting cranky... I thought Ayame opened the door earlier. Didn't she let you in?
Oh Lina and all your friendly nice girl-ness.
Jack: I've been waiting to see you. You look-
Lina: *smile* I look what? You look silly. Your glasses are all foggy and everything.
Jack: You look... like you always do.
Lina: Well... I hope that's a good thing.
Jack: *laughing nervously* Like it wouldn't be!
Lina: Whatever.
Jack: You're really beautiful you know?
Lina: You're crazy Jack! ...Why are you looking at me like that?
Anzhelina, laughing, waits for an answer. 'Silly boy' she thinks.
Jack: I just can't get over how sexy you are. I am so fucking lucky.
Lina: Oh shut up will you?

He shut up.
Obligatory: Awww! Now -_-... I am happy for her though. I really hope their relationship works out.

Look at those guilty faces as if I can't guess what they've been up to. *glare*
And Morphy? In your ghost busting uniform, really? And Nari, you didn't even take your clothes off. Like it funky do you? o_O
*hands up* I'm done. You better not have gotten pregnant. I swear...
Morph: I love this bed.
Nari: *whistling innocently*

A light blue chemical substance that Akira has been working on for days now is finally poured into a vile of corn colored "rice juice", or as she knowledgeably calls it, Phosoryza liquidus. This should do it. This is the final formula for invisibility venenum. 'Lina will be happy,' she thinks...
A tentative moment as the blue liquid pours gracefully into the flask... BOOM!
A flash of light, and everything goes red and dark, smoke flares out of the flask, and Akira shouts...

Eureka my ass Akira.
Akira: What? I got excited for a moment. *muttering* It must have been the sodium chloride... I knew I shouldn't have added the water... stupid Akira! Stupid! *twitching*
o_o...OK. Akira. I really think you need to stop. Eventually the explosions you cause will lead to something entirely unpleasant happening, e.g. Your untimely adolescent demise DEATH.
Akira: *still muttering* Next time: Saline Water is a no, Fructose perhaps... Ayame has been growing tomatoes...

In the past week or so Morpheus and his oldest daughter have been bonding. I would say that it fares pretty well for him all things (Aleksa) considered. Today I guess he thought it wise to give her the "talk", whatever the "talk" is. It went something like this...

Morph: There comes a time in every young man or woman's life where she or he feels certain... needs. Your mother and I, today we, we have in the past joined together to form something... beautiful.
Aleksa: *disgusted face* Dad! I do not want to hear about what goes on in a bed between you and mom!
Morph: But-
Aleksa: NO!
Morph: *silent frown*
AW! Disappointment.
Aleksa: Hey. Don't be down dad. It's just not something I need you to tell me about. I already know. I mean Every teenager on the planet knows...

Morph: *eager* So you and that boy have already consummated your relationship?
Aleksa: o_o...

Aleksa: *bursts into hysteric laughter*
Morph: What- Is something wrong?
Only you Morphy. Only you would think laughter meant something was wrong. Then again this is Aleksandrina we're talking about.

After minutes of laughter Aleksa breathes out a heavy sigh smiling, and shaking her head. She looks up at her father, her eyebrow raised.
Morph: With love comes pain. It is a given, an absolute. I might argue that love itself is pain.

This face.

*smile* Pretty Nari. I love you even more now with that forced awkward smile of yours. I wish I had generated you through create a baby, and I could go insert your parents into town. They would then make lots of beautiful Nari-like babies. *sigh*
Okay, okay. I'm not mad anymore about you woohoo-ing without my permission.

Please do not note the foliage growing through the walls, I will probably fix it someday. Probably.

What are you doing? Please tell me you're not waiting for your daughter to be done in the bathroom so you can "bond" with her more.

Morpheus sits in his daughters' bedroom. He looks around him, notes all the things that remind him of his children's childhoods flashing even now before his eyes. He reaches over and runs his hand over the books on the shelf, "The adventures of Princess bob, and the stinky frog", "Mercy and Murder for Kidz",and "Oxygen, and the other elements go to the moon!" are among the children's books he touches. Along with one of Nari's he notes. "Lonely Emo and all her friends". He laughs silently as he remembers Ayame begging her mother to write it for her. The title had been a joke, and at the time Ayame hadn't understood. She was so happy though.

A break from text and story to show you the improved skilling room or the study as I seem to be calling it. It's nice is it not? ...Don't answer that.

Anzhelina and Jack have been interacting for hours. Really. Hours.
Jack: I didn't say anything.
Lina: You're so funny Jack!

Really deep stuff.

And then this.
Lina and Jack: mmmmphhh.

Morpheus finds Aleksa in the bathroom rubbing her hands together in nervous fashion. He pats her on the shoulder, says softly,
Morph: Aleksandrina, is everything all right?
Aleksa: *nervous* um...
Morph: Is it something you'd like to share?
Aleksa: haha! Just kidding dad! Nothing wrong here. Nope. I'm smashing really.
Morph: ...*raised eyebrow*...
hm. Aleksa what do you have cooking up now?

Morphy takes the next hour or so to help Aleksa with her homework. She's been getting straight C's and he's worried there must be something troubling her. Nari on the other hand is convinced she just gave birth to an intellectually inept juvenile delinquent. We'll see.
Morph: *reading over shoulder* That is quite good Aleksa.
Aleksa: It's english. My creative writing assignment specifically. Don't tell mom, but I really like it. Writing that is.
Morph: You should do something with this talent then.
Aleksa: *erases frantically* No. No that's ridiculous. It's not talent. It's just... *turns page, points* Here. This is what I need help on. Trig.
Morph: *small smile* Okay. How far have you gotten?
Aleksa: It's math dad. I haven't even looked at it.
Morph: So you mean you do not enjoy mathematics?
Aleksa: Uh, yeah.
Morph: Is this the case for the sciences too? Do you like Physics? Astronomy?!
Aleksa: Fuck no dad. I mean I guess chemistry is kind of cool. You can like blow up stuff, but let's just say science isn't exactly my cup o' tea.
Morph: *freaking the hell out, not hearing what his daughter is saying* How can this be? A child of mine not interested in the stars? *shakes head disbelievingly*
Aleksa: *writes out answer* I'm not guessing or anything.
yeah. right.
Morph: *over his breakdown a few moments earlier* You have to think of the triangle Aleksandrina. The three angles in relation the the three sides. Trigonometry is all about ratios.
Aleksa: Right. uh huh. Ok.
Morph: See in that problem's case you are asked to give the Cosine of triangle A. *points* there.
Aleksa: I can read dad.
Morph: *ignoring* You know the function for cosine calculation? f(x) = a*cos(bx + c) + d?
Aleksa: *nods*
Morph: You simply plug in the values given into that formula and then you end up with-
Aleksa: *stares at problem* Wow... It makes sense! *writes out another answer*

Later on downstairs Aleksa finally lets her childhood imaginary friend go.
Aleksa: You have to leave me alone now Puzzle. I don't need you anymore.
Puzzle: but... Aleks... I am... your friend...
Aleksa: Puzzle. Let's not make this harder then it has to be. We're both grown people. Either shrink down to doll form, or leave.
Puzzle: *shaking*...

After changing back into a doll, I discovered human Puzzle staring longingly (hungrily?) at the house out on the sidewalk. It's kind of strange to me how when the dolls are in the owner's inventory you can usually find the human versions of the dolls standing nearby outside. Hello Puzzle.
Puzzle: I wait...for...Aleks...She is...mine...
Still creepy as ever I see.

Ayame stares at the willow tree, looks at the way the bark curls in rough patterns, kind of whimsical she supposes.
Ayame: Why can't I be that tree. Weeping willows are so beautiful, so full of personality, but so sad. I could be a willow tree...
Believe me Aya. If I could had the inclination to rename you I would name you Willow. I think it would suit you very nicely.
Ayame: I have no friends.
Do you want them?
Ayame: *ponders question, sigh* Yes...
*wipes eyes* no I'm not crying. There's dust in the air. My eyes always water when it's dusty, what? Stop staring at me like that. Sentimental? Please. eh em. Anyways,

Aleksa spots her twin immediately upon coming downstairs. 'about time'. She clears the corner just as Ayame reaches for a plate of dinner waffles...

Aleksa: Hey! Ayame! Still being a emo whiner? Stop being so fucking existential! Haven't you heard? It's bad for the soul.
Ayame whips around, teeth bared.

Ayame: Go to hell Aleksa! You don't know anything about me!
Aleksa: Whoa! Calm yourself woman. I was just teasing.
Ayame: You are such a bitch Aleksa! So mean! Has anyone ever told you you're an AWFUL person? Wait. Don't answer. Because of course they have. Only an idiot wouldn't recognize you for the jerk you are!
Aleksa: Excuse me? Listen, sis. Teasing is a blood fucking natural part of sibling coexistence. Get. Used to it.
Aleksa: You're hopeless really. Pessimistic, droopy, and sad. A sad clown, a sad little person who can't get her head far enough out of her ass to see that world isn't actually as fucking bad as she thinks it is. At least I admit to be nasty, a "bitch" as you so quaintly put it. You're just pathetic.
Ayame: *quivering* N-no. You're pathetic!

Akira: *stares on in contemplation* Again? Really?
I'm with you there.

Aleksa: Every time! You never learn!
Ayame: PAIN! *crying* I hate my life!
*rolls eyes* I love you Ayame, but really? You start these fights that you will never win. I mean at least prepare yourself ahead of time. Use the training dummy out front. Kung fu up your silly butt so you don't end up with that. face.

Morph: *stretches himself in preparation, cracks knuckles*
Aleksa frowns impatiently.
Aleksa: Just get out with it dad. Grounded for a month, no computer privileges, no boyfriend as per usual.
Ayame: I want to die.
Oh Aya.
Aleksa: *turns away dramatically*
Aleksa: Yeah. I'm a badass bitch.
O_O  OK. That was entirely necessary.

Aleksandrina, my mean spirited banshee, sneaks out later that night, and when Aleksa sneaks, she sneaks.
*shakes head* Everywhere she goes.

Aleksa and Thomas arrive at the town vampire club at around midnight. She had received the invitation, a framed photo of a crimson rose signed with her name, that afternoon. She had told her sisters about it knowing they probably wouldn't want to go. Looking back though Ayame had looked rather forlorn upon hearing the news.
Instead here she is with Thomas who had nervously conceded to joining her on this risky expedition.
Aleksa: Thomas, will you stop walking so fast? You don't have to be so nervous. It's just another club, just another bar. We'll take a few pictures, and then go. I'm not even sure who the invitation was from anyway.
Thomas: I'm not nervous. Just, just excited. Yeah... really eager! (thinking) hopefully this is over fast...

Aleksa reaches the elevator. It looks crowded, a bulbous woman in a daisy print dress is taking up most of the already miniscule space, and trio of tall, willowy, pale women in what looks like blue velvet are standing, arms linked spread out across the remaining space of the elevator. Suddenly anxious from the idea of being near so many people, but ultimately unafraid Aleksa ducks lightly under the arm of one of the amazonian females, and squeezes herself into the corner of the lift.

The door closes before Thomas can call out for his gutsy girlfriend to wait for him.
Thomas: Damn. Aleksa!
As if she can hear you.
Thomas: Why the hell would she leave me like this?
Hm. Sorry Tommy. The elevator should be down in a few moments. You'll get up there eventually.
Thomas: But what if whoever invited her here is a blood sucking vampire and he's only asked her here to lure her into his trap of glistening fangs, and a blood draining demise?! I might be too late!!
Calm yourself man! I already checked on her, and she's fine

Thomas breathes a sigh of relief upon seeing his girlfriend safe, and completely intact.
Thomas: Alek-
Aleksa: *side shot glare*
Thomas: O_O...
Aleksa: So, Joe is it? I'm Aleksandrina Valkinova. You may have heard of my mother, Nari Valkinova. She's a pretty well established author in this town. I was invited here with my boyfriend by someone who goes by the initials, S.G.
Bouncer Fred: The names Fred.
Aleksa: Ok. I'll take that as a you're letting us in, and just make my way around you...
Fred: *moves self to block way* I don't think so.
Thomas: *whispering* Aleksa...! Let's just go!
Fred: I think you should listen to your friend there.
Aleksa begins to get ticked off. She's been invited, she has the invitation!
Aleksa: Will this change your mind? Or wait, don't tell me you'll just say it could have been fabricated. *holds out framed invitation*
(*shifty eyes* No. I did not just take two minutes to hack that out in photoshop....)
The bouncer takes the framed photo in hand, looking it over. His eyes get wide for a brief moment, before he shakes head. He hands it back, stiff faced and cold.
Fred: Listen girlie, I don't have all day to tell you that I can't let you in. I don't know why, or how you have that thing, or even if you are who you say you are. You look young, how old are you, 15? Do yourself a favor and go home. Take your boyfriend with you.
Fred motions to the now opening elevator, and turns to assess a short blond woman, and her balding companion.
Aleksa: Fuck!
Thomas: *happy as a sunshine flower* So, I think that means we can go now.
Aleksa: You think, Thomas?
Both teenagers leave The O-Negative, one heaving heavy sighs of relief, and the other enraged, and masking disappointment.


Hello there Anzhelina.
Lina: *dazed*
What are you thinking about?
Lina: *trip* Um. No one saw that.
Anzhelina has been feeling odd lately. She's been more clumsy then usual.

Police Officer: I know I saw that girl running towards this house...
How long has she been standing here I wonder.
Officer(thinking): Maybe I should go. It's been 6 hours... The chief is probably wondering where I am.
Six...hours. o_O

I find the girl in question getting a plate of her normal breakfast.
Aleksa: heh heh heh. No one can see me. I am, Invisible!
Nari: I worry about you Aleksandrina.
Morph: *shakes head*
Aleksa: *oblivious*
Aleksa: Om nom nom.
(Cake: Yes, Yes... That's it. Take me into your body! Eat. EAT!)
Already sitting at the table, Arson reads.
Whatcha reading Arson?
Arson: Uh. "Next level Crush: Love"... It's school required.
Arson is still harboring growing feelings for Akira, but for the time being they remain unrequited.

Speaking of,
Akira is still working away at her lab station. She's close to discovering something big, she knows it.
Akira: Two drops of this tomato juice... there you go. This will be a little acerbic, but it should do the trick.

Ayame gardens. You hang in there Aya.
Ayame: *sullen sigh*

And here's the barely featured oldest boy.
Why do you look so stunned Adrian?
Adrian: O_O...
Oh. That's right. Nari's pregnant. It doesn't seem like that would be so strange though. I mean, you are young Adrian but you were around for your younger brother's birth...
Adrian: OH MA GAWD! What's happening?! Somebody DO something!
Nari: Hm? What's that? Is something going on?
Aleksa: This family is so weird.
Where is Morphy?
Ah. Here he is. Painting masterpieces as usual I see. You're needed downstairs genius. Your wife is having your 7th baby.
Morph: It is the sky of night. I smeared the paint at left to represent the passing of time.
Yea sure whatever. Did you not hear me? YOUR. WIFE. IS. HAVING. A. BABY!

Morpheus eventually got the idea, and drove Nari to the hospital.
This is Anna. She's an Artistic Couch potato.
And wait, did you spot it?
This is Ai. Yes. Twin girls. Again. What. The. Fuck.
Anyway, Ai is a disciplined light sleeper which means her traits are the exact same ones that Ayame had when she was born.

*sigh* I guess I can deal with it...

Two days later it is little Aoi's birthday, and so in preparation his parents frantically skill him up, so that he doesn't get assigned some lame trait like light/heavy sleeper or eco-friendly. *glares at parents who have done nothing for their youngest son his entire toddlerhood...*
Morph: Son, this should be very simple. Repeat after me. I work for the pleasure the work gives me, not for material substance and personal finance.
Morph: No son. I work.
Aoi: *dribbling smile*
Morph: I work for the pleasure the work gives me.
Aoi: *laugh*
-_-Come on kid. Hurry it up. In a few hours it's birthday time, and if you can't even talk as a child... *shakes head*
Morph: Close son, but no. I work for the pleasure the work gives me, not for material substan-
Aoi: DADDY! (thinking) If I just keep this up, maybe he'll go away and leave me to my xylophone.
O_O Well that's a start.
Obligatory Aoi picture before he grows up.
Aoi looks over at his siblings bickering around the homework table, looks into the kitchen where his mother flips pancakes in a frying pan, and his father looks on sternly, with his disconcerting black eyes. He knows that today is his day to move up in the world albeit only a little. Maybe he's a tiny bit anxious, a tad bit scared. No. His worries over the things he doesn't quite understand leave him in one exhale of breath, and he sets off to find his beloved xylophone, his only friend in this big, frightening life he's been given.

Adrian has his first kiss of sorts.
Adrian: *Moves lips in*
Winny: Wha? Hey! Kid, what are you- mmmphhhh...
He's been waiting to do it all week. He'd originally planned for just the right moment, but in the end the only time he can get Winny alone is in dining room when everyone is outside checking out the new porch, and playground equipment.
Akira: This is it Mimo! The final ingredient for the invisibility Potion Anzhelina has been asking me for.
Mimo: *murmur*
Akira: You're so right Mimo. I should probably save up for another batch just in case.

It is time for school. For once everyone arrives on time(*cough*except Ayame *cough*) They all appear to act relatively normal as whatever normal is for themselves.
Akira: That's strange... I could have sworn this building was blue...
Arson: *stare*
Lina: *laughs* Hey, Aleksa, it's kind of difficult for me to move right now.
Aleksa: Yeah? Well, maybe, and I'm going on a limb here, just maybe if you stepped to your right, and moved around me your little problem there might not such a problem. Heavy hint intended.
Arson: The weathers nice isn't it Akira?
Akira: Hm? What? Oh. Yeah. *looks around* I guess.
Does it have to be everywhere you go Aleksa?
Adrian(thinking): I can create a nuclear holocaust. I only need the right materials. My scientific sister may be of assistance... but wait! A nuclear holocaust cannot be brought about by just anyone...No...It must be someone with power, with charisma. I want this world to bow at my feet, and welcome my destruction with open arms...yes, yes...So how to get myself into such a position? A dilemma indeed...

Now my question, where is Ayame?
After class is out Adrian discovers his older sister writing in a notebook outside the school. He thinks of saying something.
Adrian: Di-
Ayame: *looks up*
But decides against it. He's never understood this sister, and doesn't think he could start now.
Ayame: I'll see you at home Adrian. *looks back at notebook*
Adrian leaves.
Ayame has been skipping school an awful lot lately. Her grades are showing it. Aleksa on the other hand is currently the households only A student as Akira lost her A grade standing when she aged up.
Nari: No one could make this day any good. Two new babies, a son having birthday, and an almost empty bank account. *roar*
O_O Hi Nari.
Nari: *snarl*

Anzhelina gets a call from Jack shortly after arriving home.
Jack(on other line): Hey, Lina. I was thinking we could go check out that new place near the beach tonight.
Lina: *looks over shoulder at mom, whispers* Um. You mean that thrift store, The mystic gnome? I don't know. I've heard it gets pretty shady around nighttime. Caren-
Jack: Who's Caren?
Lina: You know, Caren...from health class? Right. So anyways she told me that there are ghosts, and that one time her and Bella saw a vampire manning the cash register.
Jack: Nah. Hey, it'll be fine. I'll be there. We'll be perfectly safe.
Lina: No offense Jack, but you're not exactly your brother...
Jack: What is that supposed to mean? Are you saying that I'm weak?
Lina: No! No, I didn't mean that that's a bad thing. You're all cute, and skinny, artistic, and smart, and Thomas is... well Thomas.
Jack: Oh. *laughs* yeah. I get what you mean. So are we on for tonight?
Lina: It's my brother's birthday.
Jack: So, tell the kid to blow out his candles early.
Lina: Okay... I guess.
Jack: I'll meet you on the hill at 9.
Lina: All right! See you Jack!...I love you!
Jack: ... *phone clicks*
Lina looks at her phone, confused.
Lina: Jack? hello?
She presses the end button, her mouth turns down into a frown. Only briefly though, because her twin is home from study club.
Akira: Just ask your questions now. I kind of want to get this done early, so I can get back to work on my formula.
Lina: Oh. Okay! Well see, Ms. Marcelle was awful to us today. She assigned us three whole chapters to read in the textbook, AND a 150 word essay, written in french, on, get this, the cycles of the moon. What the hell right? It's like, ugh, Mr. Kington all over again. La lune ma derrière.
Akira: *sigh* Why don't you try writing creatively rather then a technically?
Lina: ...What do you mean...?
Akira: Well, you're pretty creative, and artistic. Why not try channeling some of that into your writing. It is only 150 words. That's about a page hand written, and half a page typed.
Lina: Well geez Aki, as everyone has your brains. It's not like all us plain and simple folk can magically come up with 150 mots français. You took highschool french in 5th grade. Help. Me.
Akira: *looks down* Lina. Deep breaths. You can do it! Just... write what you feel.
Lina: You mean write: "No one gives a flying fudge nits about your "currently iffy" relationship with the assistant dean" Ms. Marcelle." How would you say that in french anyway...Personne ne donne vos...*looks questioningly at sister*
Akira: ...You know what you should do? Ask Aleksa. She's pretty good at writing. Maybe she can help.
Lina:...*bursts into laughter*... No. Seriously, what should I do?
Akira: *sigh*
Speak of the devil. Aleksa traverses her room using her normal mode of transportation. What exactly she's sneaking from, I do not know.
Aleksa: Stealth. It's how I do.
uh huh...*worried look*

Hey Nari. Will you go get Aoi, and take him to the cake? I want to end this part of this chapter now. It's getting kind of long.
Nari: Uh. No. I don't think so voice in the sky. I'm holding off on my youngest boy's age transition as long as I can. He's my baby, and I wouldn't do anything for you anyway.
*rolls eyes* Whatever Nari. But only for a few more slides.

Do you remember Morphy's midlife crisis from last chapter? Well during the duration of those long four days this want popped up...
I mean, They both had full relationship status with each I was like What the vitriolic expletive?! and then I was like, NO.
So I decided to ignore his irrational, senile, ass hat, douche-bag, wish (he has 10 children with her!), and to amp up the romance between him and his "beloved".
Morph: Here my Nari. I chose these for you. The red rose is a symbol of beauty, or mystery, and of amour. *recalls given script*
That's right you ungrateful bastard, say it!
Nari: *takes flowers* These are beautiful Morpheus. They smell so good.
Morph: I love you more then the galaxies abounding out there in our seemingly infinite universe. You are my blue sun, fiery, and...*thinks* oozing s-sex appeal, charm, and a magnetic attractiveness that any man would be lucky to have. *gulp*
*mumbles* Iambastardficklecowfuckerwhodoesn'tknowagoodthingwhenheseesit. eh em.
Nari: *looks up* What was that?
Morph: *looks around innocently* What my lovely?
Nari: *stares* The last thing you said. Something about a cow fucking bastard?
Morph: *whistles* I don't have any idea what you're talking about. Now isn't it our youngest son's birthday today? Should we not bring him in the blow out his candles?
Nice change of subject there buddy.
In the other room Aleksa calls Thomas worriedly. She hasn't heard or seen him for a few days, and she's beginning to wonder if anything is going on.
Aleksa: Hello? Yes. This is Aleksandrina, His girlfriend. Who is this?
Girl on other line: This is Rachelle. I'm his... cousin... *sound muffled* Tommy! Some girl who says she's your girlfriend is on the phone! *returns phone to ear* He's coming.
Aleksa: Did you say cousin? Sounded a little hesitant there, Rachelle. Why not just come out with it and say that you're lying, home wrecking, whore faced-
Thomas: Hello?
Thomas: Hello? Aleksa? Are you there?
Aleksa: *smiles, tight lipped* Hello Thomas. I just had a lovely, extremely enlightening chat with your "cousin" Rachelle. She seems nice.
Thomas: Oh...Yeah. She's great-um did you want something?
Aleksa: Did I want something...Let's see. I haven't seen you in three days, you haven't called, you haven't shown up in class, and when I've called I've repeatedly gotten your god awful voice mail message.
Thomas: Oh. That old thing. I recorded that in 6th grade. It's stupid I know.
Aleksa: Not the point Thomas. Listen, is there something you'd like to tell me? And pick your words wisely Mason for, and I'm very fucking serious here, they may actually be your last.
Thomas: Whoa! Hey, wait, are you threatening me? What's up Leks? You seem mad.
Aleksa: Mad, Thomas?! Do you mean fucking angry? Why yes Tommy dear, I am very angry. Thanks for wondering.
Thomas:...Hey. Okay. But really, did you need something? I have some stuff to do...
Thomas: O_O... All right. Talk to you later?
Aleksa: ...
Thomas: um, bye. *phone clicks*
Aleksa: Boys suck.
*muffling laughter*
Aleksa: *glare*
Okay, *cough*, okay. Sorry. Just had to get that out of my system. Anyway life sucks I know Aleksandrina. You just have to roll with it.
Aleksa: Whatever.
Aleksa: Now tell me voice in the sky, why is there fucking cake on the floor?
*shakes head* -_- I really don't know.
(Cake: Mwahhahahahah! This is my shining moment, this is cake's time to rise! Just a couple more steps, and then- then you shall be ensnared in my trap! Harharharhar! It's genius! Geniu-*chokes*)
That's what you get cake.
Aleksa: *rolls eyes* I'm not even in the mood to eat.
O_O Wow. That must mean she's really upset. Aleksa is always in the mood to eat.
Now before the birthday...

It's today. Today is the day that he talks to her. Really talks to her. His voice catches in his throat. But she looks so pretty... with her hair in that side loop thing, and she's got such big dark eyes... and those lips. He shakes himself off. No. He's going to do it. All it takes is a question, and compliment to get things rolling. That's what he read anyway...
Arson: Hi Akira. You look really nice today. Do you always do your hair like that?
Akira: Uh...yeah. Everyday actually.
*face to palm*
Arson: Oh. *under breath* shit. I mean-
Akira: *smiles* It's all right. Thank you. I wouldn't expect anyone to notice, so it's no problem. *turns to walk away*
Arson: *grabs arm* Wait!
Akira: Did you need something?
Arson: *gulp* U-uh... N-no. Uh, I... Got you these.
Their hands tough briefly, as he places the lavender bouquet in Akira's hand. His hand is shaking, but he stills it upon feeling her palm warm on his own. He smiles, waiting eagerly for her reaction.
...It's about time...
Lina: No shit.
She grabs Arson into an embrace before she can think of what she's doing. Why does her head feel so fuzzy? Like it's snowing toasted marshmallows in her brain, and the little girl that lives there is dancing in circles, so happy... Breathless she says,
Akira: Thank you Arson. This is the nicest thing anyone's ever done for me.
Arson gladly returns the hug.
A new development just in: Aleksandrina Valkinova has decided to dye her hair. She rolled the wish for a new hair style right after her phone call with Thomas. Oh Aleksa.
Aleksa: If her doesn't care about me, then I say, why the hell not? I've always hated how much I look like my mom anyway.
Well... I think it suits you.
Aleksa: *snort* Thanks.

All right. It's time.
Nari: Okay Aoi. You're my littlest man, you're about to grow up a little, and as a result move farther away from mommy.
*makes gesturing motion with hands* Come on. Blah, blah, I love you, blah, blah, Don't forget me, yada yada :P.
Nari: *turns to glower, forced whisper* Let me have my moment with my youngest son.

That moment was then ruined quite amusingly by her oldest daughter.
Aleksa: Mom, I thought you should know. *motions to head*
Adrian: *stare* eh. It's okay.
Nari: o_o...*deep breath* (thinking) I am not going to acknowledge this on my son's birthday. I am not going to acknowledge this on my son's birthday. *Forced civility* Aleksa. I will talk you about, *motions to hair*, later.

This is child Aoi. I thought briefly that I might do one of those CAS profile pictures for him just because I feel kind of bad for neglecting him during his toddlerhood. Oh well.
He grew up into pink and green again. I wanted to change it but then decided that it gave him character, and kept it as is.
He rolled the shy trait, and so far I think he looks like his mother except for the light blond hair.

That does for 1.4 part un.
The next one again will be much shorter, and will include the oldest twins' and Adrian's birthday. And then heir poll!

Sorry it was kind of disorganized. I'm terrible at getting enough pictures for what I want to say. Bye!


The Valkinova legacy: kind of a legacy but eh... not really. 1.3
This will be a long update as I'm trying to get everything up to date for the heir poll.
Sorry for the sporadic style. I've been doing this in pieces, and my mood has varied.

We begin on a shot of the child twins doing their homework together. Akira has been autonomously "discovering" potions again and apparently failing miserably. Anzhelina is just bored, so for the last half an hour she's been pestering her sister to help her with her ®Fizics For Kidz assignment.
Lina: ArrrGHH! Why does Mr. Kington have to assign us this crap? Who cares that Mr. Gravity and Mrs. Universe had a baby?! This doesn't even make sense... Aki? ...Akira!
Akira: *heavy sigh* again...? What Lina? I told you already. The gravitational pull of sun on the earth and the surrounding planets is what makes them orbit. Ignore the stuff about the universe baby. It's incoherent tripe- or I mean garbage... that makes no sense.
Lina: Fine. Thanks I guess. Two more problems and then I'm done. XD
Akira: *simmering glare across table*
She did seem rather annoyed that her sister was going to finish first.
My obligatory check up on founder #1 came shortly after. I found her tip-tapping away on her keyboard writing a science fiction novel again. She always rolls wants to write sci-fi.
Nari(typing): It's name was sector 12.6, it was the both the largest and most dangerous sector in the galaxy, and within it Jorzen knew she would find the ruby star where the heart of Juniper lay waiting...
Oh and she's pregnant. Seriously, she keeps rolling wants for kids even though her LTW is to grow only five kids into teenagers. I just hope it's not twins this time.
Meanwhile Aleksandrina is over at the new neighbors' house. Apparently there are two twin teenage boys, their father, and grandmother. Aleksa decides to make small talk with this red head boy Jack Mason.
Aleksa: So... ever had an imaginary friend?
Jack: Um. No... Can't say I have...
Jack: I do like cameras though. Photography. I just got a QX40di. Hikon. They make the best.
Aleksa: Right. I've heard of those. A little ostentatious don't you think?
Jack: No. Not really. The quality of the resulting images takes precedence over cost.
Aleksa: Ah. And it's not like money is an issue or anything.
Jack: ...
I find Ayame trying to get into the vampire bar at 9 that evening.
Ayame: *discretely hands §20 to bouncer* Listen, I just want to check the place out. I'll be out in 10 minutes tops.
Bouncer man: *nods while taking money* I see... Well, just between you and me we've been letting in an awful lot of minors lately. The vamps seem to really like them.
We take a break for baby Adrian's birthday. This is him as a toddler... No. Your eyes do not deceive you. He is blond, or really I'd call his hair yellow. Yellow hair. He looks like he has his father's eyes, but his mother's lips.
Really though. Where the hell did the blond hair come from?
Aleksa leaves the Mason's house feeling pleased. 'what a boy...' she thinks.
I thought you hated Jack.
Aleksa: Oh, him? I do.
Then... what boy do you speak of?
Aleksa: *sigh* a good one...
Ayame races over the hill, and around the corner straining to get home without getting caught by the curfew patrol. She's actually already been caught by some psychic police officer, but she escaped! Exhilarated at having avoided being arrested, but also disappointed at having not met a vampire, Ayame just hopes that her parents won't find out.
Ayame: *pant* Can't talk. *pant* Going. *pant* Home. *pant* have to be. *pant* Quiet.
He knows.
Lina: *swaying form side to side* (thinking)pretty music box, take me away.
Aleksa: Home free baby. That's how it's done.
I have to say, I am impressed. You avoided being caught by both psychic police, and your anger management worthy parents. *nod of approval*
Ayame arrives on the front porch of the house, breathless. 'I made it', she thinks giddily. 'now just to get through this door and up the stairs without-' Morpheus steps out of the bushes, adorned in his ghost busting gear probably trying to seem more badass.
Morph: Ayame.
Ayame: *stops in tracks, turns towards voice* Oh... Hi dad.
Morpheus: You're home... rather late this evening. Wouldn't you say?
Ayame: No. Not really... or I mean kinda, I guess... Listen. Dad, I-I was just down the hill you know. Just, hanging out on the street corner- oh! I mean, no, no I wasn't prostituting myself or anything I was just-
Morpheus: *deep heavy sigh*
Morpheus: I cannot let you off this time Ayame. I tire of your sister and yourself believing you can get away with whatever you desire. The truth is quite honestly nothing like that. This is a lesson you have need of learning.
Ayame: Are you serious?! Dad. Really? This is the only time I've ever broken curfew! The only time I've ever done anything wrong. Why aren't you looking for Aleksa? She's done far worse things then me! And you- I hate you!
Morph: You are grounded Ayame Valkinova! You are not to leave this house for anything. Not even your street corner hanging or whatever it is you called it.
Ayame: errGHH! That's obvious isn't it? *makes strangling motion with hands*
I find Lina again painting pictures in the study. She's what? Nine? -_-' I painted better...
Lina: I heard that, and this isn't supposed to look good. It's Aleksa with her troll feet.
I would seriously advise against you showing that one to her.
Well I'll be damned...
Ayame: *sniffling* Please dad. I'll never do it again. Never. Just let me off this one time.
I'd play up the pouty puppy dog look a little more for this guy Aya, but not enough to give you a hideous underbite. Also keep you eyeballs in your sockets. as much as I'd like to see you pop them out, who knows how Morphy would take it. like this tough, stoic sim man would ever give in to petty begging...
Morph: *contemplates begging* Very well. But I wish for you to tell your mother what you've done. If you desist I will be forced to enact consequences that I promise you will be far worse then perpetual home imprisonment.
Well I'll be fucking damned again... o_O...
Ayame: XD XD XD Great! Uh. I mean right. Tell mom. I'll do that. I love you dad. Really I do. (thinking)Fat chance...
He's probably had enough talking for the day, though I really don't blame him.
Ayame(thinking)Why did a chill just run up my back...?
Morpheus: *small half smile*
Aleksa: AHAYA!!
Ayame: *gasp*
Aleksa: heh.
Ayame feels a stream of rage building up in her starting in her toes, and traveling up until finally reaching her head. The world is boiling. It is red, the color of crimson hatred, and sisterly affection.
Aleksa: Hey, sis. Get with it. I got you. You get me. I beat you up. This is how it works.
Ayame: You are such a bitch AleksaNdrina. Fuck you.
Aleksa nods slowly, staring at her feet. A small dark sound escapes her lips.
In a flash Ayame spins around swiping her right hand across her sister's cheek. In a mocking voice...
Ayame: 'Get with it sis. I got you. I beat you up'
Oh shit. Oh no she di'int.
A small smile spreads across Aleksandrina's throbbing face. In a harsh, choking whisper...
Aleksa: Okay. I see how you want it.
Ayame oblivious to her sister's growing anger, feeling very pleased with herself for finally standing up, and fighting back, looks towards a few strangers standing in the park across the street, chuckling inwardly.
Puzzle: *laughing eerily*What'sss...going....on...?
It seems to me that Aleksa just took a pretty good hit to the jaw-Ooh. That probably hurt.*chews popcorn riveted*
Matthew: W-w-what's g-going on? Ayame? I-is that y-you?
Yep that's her. Now shush! The yowling is the best part. *shovels bunch'a'crunch into mouth still riveted*
Puzzle: I'll...kill her... for you... Aleks...
Seriously with that again. Shut up or fuck off creepy doll man. I have no patience for your consistent creeper tendencies. Besides you're ruining the show. *sips soda...STILL riveted*
*snicker* I mean did you expect it to end any other way?
Aleksa: Bitch. I told you not to fuck with me!
Ayame: PAIN!
Puzzle: It would... be... so easy... Aleks...
-_-' *controlling self*
The funniest thing is that while they did all that Morpheus was watching through the window.
Morph: Aleksa.
Aleksa: *sigh* What dad? I've already told mom, and you. It's in my nature. It's genetic or something.
Morph: Just take a deep breath, and go sit down for a few minutes.
Aleksa: You're really putting me in time out? I'm 15. A little old if you get what I mean.
Morph: *stern glance*
Aleksa: Fine. *rolls eyes*
Aleksa had to break her time out a few minutes later to go to school.
Morpheus: I am waiting for my daughter.
I see. But, um, weren't you back at home a second ago?
Morph: A father's concern for his child's discipline works many an unexplained thing.
So, that was cryptic and rather vague, but thanks!
I find Ayame crying by the cross walk sign down town. She's decided to skip school for the day, take a break form seeing all those people who never care to say hello.
Maybe if you weren't such a grumpy guss people would like you? Smile more...? It makes...the world go...round...?
Yeah, I don't know. Can't really help you in the making friends department.
Ayame: *sob* No one *sob* ever... *gasp* I hate her.
I'll take this moment to show you a close up of a non-burnt Akira. I think she's cute.
And look who it is.
Jack: oof! *stomach roils* Groan... What did that girl put in my food last night?
...Aleksa you never cease to amaze me.
Back at home Nari reaches to grab a plate of freshly made apple pancakes.
Nari: Morpheus, honey, you can have some of these. There's a lot, and I think I'll only eat 5 or 6...
Morph: No, my Nari, I am content with fridge vomit. You should eat the rest yourself.
This is his fourth piece of leftover cake. Four fucking pieces dreamy, really? This is just what the cake wants. Your addiction, and then POSSESSION, and then... BOOM. DONE. Everything is kaput. *shakes head*
Smile for the camera Ayame.
I see she's still mad.
Aleksandrina is happy, or as close to happy as she's ever been in all of her 15 years.
I guess this was the boy she was referring too. His name is Thomas Mason. He's Jacks twin brother, and I suppose they look alike though Jack has brown eyes, Thomas has blue.
Aleksa: This is a really nice house. You have a pole in your room and everything.
Thomas: Yeah. It's great. My grandmother has owned it for a while... (thinking)I'd like to see you on that pole.
-_-' boys. *shakes head*
Aleksa: *holds out hands, stares dreamily into eyes* ........... LET'S PLAY HOT HANDS!
Thomas: Okay. Wait. I know this.
Aleksa: *evil grin* (thinking)he doesn't know...
Back at home Aleksa prepares to say goodbye.
Aleksa: um.
Thomas: Hey, Goodnight beautiful. I'll see you-
Thomas: Woah!
Woah? Your lips looked pretty puckered there to me buddy.
Aleksa: *hovering* Uh. Hello? Thomas? *opens eyes,starting to get angry* Are you fucking kidding me?
Thomas: Wait. *reaches towards hand* I wasn't ready that's all. You surprised me Aleksa. Here. Let me try.
Aleksa: *looking dopey* Wha-?
Aleksa: You were just- surprised. Just. Not ready?
Thomas: Of course.
Thomas: I'd never knowingly pass up a chance to kiss you beautiful.
Aleksa: Oh. Right.
Thomas mason, the red headed strong boy from down the hill, grabs Aleksandrina in an embrace breathily whispering,'I really like you you know', before pressing his lips into her own. Aleksa is stunned, caught off guard, but she returns the embrace and reaches her mouth toward his.
T-T *wipes tear from eye* My sad angry Aleksa is growing up.
Akira and Morpheus are immersed in a serious game of chess. I'm just waiting for one of them to yell out GODZILLA! before sweeping all the chess pieces on the floor, Look at him all mad. I guess Aki is winning.
Morphues storms out the front door ready to hurt someone. His daughter is finally home.
Aleksa: Hey! dad. What-
Morpheus: Where have you been?
Aleksa: I was at a friend's house. Why? It's only 7.
Morpheus glares at his oldest daughter, lifts one hand and points towards the door.
Morph: You are not to leave this house. I have given you a chance and you've disregarded it as if it means nothing.

Three days later...
It's prom night, and Thomas has shown up to pick up Aleksa.
Thomas: Uh. Hey, Mr. Valkinova sir. I'm here to um. Pick up Aleksandrina?
Thomas: -and I love to work out. Work out all the time. Need to you know keep up my strength, ladies dig it-... and uh my coach likes me to stay fit being the quarterback and all. *nods* Yeah.
Thomas: So... Do you work out? You look pretty... fit.
Morph: ...
Thomas: I mean, you must be to have a wife like you do, because man Mrs. Valkinova is HAWT! Um... I mean... O_O.
Morph: ... Photobucket
Yeah I feel you Morphy. I feel you.
Seriously though what kind of guy talks for hours straight about his personal physique? Oh wait. I've met several. Never mind.
This makes me laugh. Aleksandrina snuck in later that night at around 10 and had this picture in her inventory.
It's confusing because as far as I know her date has been standing on her porch for hours waiting for her to get in the limo... that also left hours ago.
It's also a funny image. I like how Aleksa showed up in pants, and a nice shirt and is holding Thomas who is in his casual clothes, and looks excited at being swooped. What a doof.
Nari: I want another baby. Voice in the sky. Make it happen.
Um, let me think. No. You have five children. FIVE! And you're pregnant with (hopefully just) number six. That's more then this legacy needs. I better not find you rabbit humping with Morphy later on. NO. just say NO.
Nari: *moving screwdriver in and out*
...are you... fixing that t.v...?
Nari: Yeah. Someone sabotaged it.
Someone meaning... you?
Nari: *bends down further* I just can't seem to reach that screw over there. It's so small.
After about 5 minutes of that, I got a notification saying that Morpheus had lost a fight. Right. He's at work.
This is the woman that beat him. She's a local elderly name Martha or some shit. Wow Morph. I mean did the old lady have a cane rifle? Did she know mixed martial arts? I mean tell me something.
Ayame has started this Legacy's garden. I wonder how long I'll be able to keep it up. She seems content to do this, to get away from things for a while. School hasn't been great for her, and she can't help feeling angry whenever she's around her sister.
Ayame: Here tomato seed. A life for you from me. You can have mine, because my life with me kind of sucks right now.
A week passes, things seem to go as normal as whatever normal is for this family. It's the younger girls' birthday today along with with their baby brother.
I'm loving the painting there Morpheus. It's not like it's the same one everyone paints at skill level one or anything.
Aleksa: I almost choked a guy after health class today.
Lina: Really? Why? What'd you use?
Aleksa: A stethoscope of course and because he grabbed my ass. *sigh* Thomas didn't show up, so I had to do something.
Lina: Did he... struggle?
Geez Lina. Morbidly curious much?
Aleksa: No. Mr. Craven turned up just as I was going to do it. Bella Bachelor said something to him. Fucking snitch.
Lina: O_O hey. Don't cuss. Dad will hear you.
Aleksa: *raises eyebrow* You going to say something?
Lina: *looks back down at paper* no...
I guess I haven't really featured my darling Adrian much have I? I think he may be my favorite kid of the moment. He's a cutie. I wonder what trait he'll roll today. The doll is Winny, and I have to say she is the only doll I don't have some kind of problem with. I actually kind of like her.
Adrian: Winny! *gleeful giggle* I like moose and ribbit man.
Winny: This kind of hurts but I suppose it's the least I can do for the kid.
J'adore Adrian...Winny. <3
It's time to catch up on your skilling Adrian baby. Potty training is all you need before you're an EA deemed 'perfect child'.
Adrian: hal-lo!
I love him.

Birthday time.
Akira sparkles.
Akira: This wasn't in my science book...
Anzhelina ducks for cover.
Lina: I know what this is. I'm so close. So close to getting out of here.

And Adrian...
Wait. What? Come on Nari, Morpheus? Ayame! Don't just stand there. The poor kid is giving himself a hemorrhage. o_O
Teenage Akira. She takes after her father. The hair, the eyes, the mouth, the nose, the cheekbones, the chin. She's just not as pale as he is. I am satisfied. She's quite the dark eyed pretty methinks.
She rolled the hydrophobic trait like her mother. Oh wonderful. More riveting conversations starting and ending with, "I hate pools."
And Anzhelina. Those eyes... What the fuck EA? I suppose they are pretty. She's so... weird looking though. Not ugly... just striking. Such strong features. High cheekbones, wide, full lips, Nari's nose, olive skin, pitch black hair, and large ice-blue eyes...
She rolled the artistic trait, and I'm honestly not surprised.
One last shot of Adrian and Winny before he grows up.
Adrian: Winny, are you a mean moose?
Winny: *sigh* No kid. I am not a mean moose. We've been over this before. Doll. Imaginary friend. Real only to you.
Adrian: to me? imanary friend doll-eh. pfftt! Dolleh! *claps hands*
Winny: Aren't you supposed to be some kind of genius kid? I hate to say it but those standards must really have dropped...
I love Winny.
Adrian: Moose man! *sparkly sparkly*
This is Adrian. I couldn't find a moose shirt, so I left it as default. Have you ever noticed how some sims will grow into the same patterned clothing no matter where they are or what age you insert them into the town. What is that? XD
Oh right.
Adrian is evil.
I'm a little sad. I mean I love evil sims like I love my black cat, M&M and Aviator goggles but... Adrian? My baby, really? I guess he was always destined to be a conspiratorial little nasty. And who knows? Maybe he's not a psychotic laugh while drowning you with his bare hands evil genius but a friendly charismatic evil genius who is only evil because it's practical.
He is cute though. Him and his yellow hair...
Nari popped out her baby and it's a boy AND it's not twins.
His name is Aoi. He is a lazy virtuoso, an EA deemed couch potato. He does look an awful lot like a potato.
In a spin a light, red blue green, Morpheus feels dark lines engraving themselves into his face. 'No. Not yet,' he thinks. 'I've only just begun. This painting of my daughter isn't even done, and you're pulling me into...Middle age...'
Lina: Hey, dad. I heard you screaming up here. Is everything okay?
Morph: Yes. Go.
Lina: Oh...kay. Geez.
Morph: Why did this happen to me? I am supposed to be endless.
Yeah dude. That's not the way things work around here. Unless of course I want them to... but nah. You have to get old. It will look better for the family portraits.
Morph: Look at these hands. Wrinkled, and aged. So many paths have been marked, I have not chosen. I am not ready!
o_O Isn't it a little soon for him to be getting this senile?
Morph: The PATHS! The PATHS!

Shortly after that outburst I was notified of Morphy's midlife crisis.
Nari: Oh. These are pretty-
You can't see any lines. Wait... I see one... What the fuckadoodle-doo Nari? How did you age like that?

2 days later....
I open my game to find this stripey young man standing on the Valkinova's front lawn, and then I recognize him. He's Arson Leon. One of my creations for a previous neighborhood.
Here's the thing. At first I thought he was only creeping, but then I looked at the icon side bar, and saw his picture under Akira's. Okay, weird. I decided it must have been some kind of weird glitch and went into edit town to move him back in with his real family. They had to be somewhere right? Wrong. The Leons were not in a single house or apartment in Sunset Valley.
So, this is Arson. He's the Valkinova's new ward. I'll keep him around for a while. Maybe one of the girls will take a liking to him, and he can help out with the garden or something.
Ayame: Wishing for a better life then the one she's seemingly been handed on a dirty plastic plate.
I really like this picture.
Aleksa: Perpetually pissed off at everything, the whole world. That is except her new found love,Thomas. Will it last?
Anzhelina: Finding love of her own. Pretty nerdy red head boy asked me for a kiss and I said...
I'm actually hopeful for these two. They really hit it off. More next time.
Akira: So absorbed in her science, completely oblivious to the adult world around her. Logic, 5484932. Logic.
Adrian: Loves his Winny ever more. Winny, Winny, we'll rule the world. World Winny, the Whole World.
Winny: Yeah, whatever kid. I guess I'm kind of into you like that.
And Aoi: Now a toddler, bright eyed and terrible. I wonder what he'll be like.

I leave you with this image of Aleksa walking home from school. Yes. This is how she walks. Everywhere she goes. *shakes head* Favorite sim.

So that was it for chapter 1.3. I'm excited for the next one because after that it's the heir poll and I can finally move on from this baby booming sex fiend founder generation. yay!

The Valkinova legacy: kind of a legacy but eh... not really. 1.2
Here we go again. I am terribly sorry for the wait to whoever reads this thing. I've been editing my video project for my film class. If it's any consolation I think I did a pretty horrible job on it.
Anyways this is the 3rd chapter of the Valkinova legacy. In this legacy I play with genetics and wacky names, or at least that's what I would do if I wasn't so inept at this...
This will be a pretty long update, because I'll be covering everything that's happened thus far. That means several birthdays, and a whole lot more of the fluff that legacies contain, or not. Because I'm kind of egregiously bad at this. We left off last with the birth of twin girls Akira and Anzhelina. Ayame and Aleksandrina became toddlers, Morpheus got a job as a ghost hunter, and Nari was still being Nari.
Nari, staring with deep set grey-green eyes up at something. She wonders briefly about her father, wonders briefly about her mother, thinks, 'Would I be happier in yesterday?'
Hello Nari, it's been a while, are the babies well? Which one is this anyway? Lina or Aki?
Nari: Ugh! It's you again. Don't you learn? Can't you go away?
Hey, hey! I'm just a bystander this time around. I'm trying something new. I'm going to let the story tell itself. I'll just be narrating. Acting as a scribe of some sort.
N: Yeah? *rolls eyes* Fine.
Okay! XD On to the next imag-
N: Wait! You wanted to- um, know who this was? Which baby I'm holding? To tell you the truth I don't even know.

(and she actually didn't seem to know. The action icon in her queue said "holding baby"[wait. Is it supposed to say this. I can't remember...])

We began with a birthday. Ayame and Aleksandrina are becoming children, and Akira and Anzhelina are becoming tots.
Nari: Aleksandrina! Stay still.
Aleksa: Mommy! *struggles* What- is this? *pouting frown*
Somber as always Aleksa.
Morph: *laughing* (WhaT? o_O?!!) Here. You blow them out like this.
Ayame: tee hee! Okaay... What happens then?
Ayame sits, Ayame thinks, Ayame speaks. (and Ayame stinks)
Ayame: What- is this feeling?
Aleksa sits, Aleksa frowns, and Aleksa remains silent.


Oh fantastic. She grew up cross-eyed and starving.
At least she didn't turn out looking like this.
The new and improved Ayame Valkinova. No CAS profile pictures here. Nope, no sir, never. Seriously though I suppose I could do those things but I think I prefer getting pictures that show my sim spawns' true personalities.
Ayame: *bleh-face!* This is what I think of how I turned out all grown up!
I see. This is the first face she pulled after her uh... makeover. I take it she doesn't like it?
Aya: I look all old and pinchy.
No dear. No, you really don't. Not yet anyway. XD
Ayame is Grumpy apparently. It's funny I always pegged the family pessimist as Aleksandrina. Hm.
Aw. She's purdy... She looks like her mother, and wait- is that a... smile? o_O
Aleksa: ...*smack, chew, gulp*
I can tell she's her father's daughter.
Aleksandrina is mean-spirited. I am very disappointed. Though I adore mean sims, I always thought Aleksa would be more melancholy then angry. I guess I was wrong. On second thought that might be why she's smiling... hm.
We'll just say this is both Akira and Anzhelina because I didn't get a picture of one of them... Not sure which one though.
This is Anzhelina. Weird... Blue eyes.
This is Akira
Aleksa and her friend Puzzle.
Puzzle: I can see that you are tired... do you want me to... tuck you in...
Aleksa: *yawn* No... I kind of feel like smacking my sister.
Puzzle: okay... I'd like that...
O_O have I told you how much the Generations imaginary friend dolls creep me out? See in my mind there are two types of creepy. Likeable, "cool" creepy, and just scary as Fuck. Examples: Clowns, gnomes, vampires, and leeches- cool creepy. Weird cloth doll things with buttons for eyes, icecream truck drivers, The candy man in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (you know who I'm talking about), and nightmare hallucinations- Scary as Shiz...( I really need to stop cursing. Use the vocabulary the language gods have gifted you with Mei! Damn.)
Sorry for that interlude...
Matthew, Ayame's doll friend takes out the trash. Autonomously. I tire of this third party bystander business. I can't be the only one who talks to their sims.
Hey, Matthew! Who told you to clean Nari's house?
Matthew: W-w-who's N-nari? I'ma cleanin this house f-for Ayame.
Why? She didn't ask you to.
Matthew: B-b-because... I-I wanna m-m-marry her.
Well that's forthright.
Puzzle ponders baby's crying.
Puzzle: I want to drink these mini Aleks tears...
You're creepy.
Puzzle: You... think so...?
Anzhelina goes straight away to play with her own doll thing.
Lina: Okay Mortenten. You and me are getting out of here someday, someday soon.
Mortenten in Lina's voice: Aye aye! Captainess! What are my orders?
Lina: Shh! Don't let them hear you. This is an escape plot we're talking about.
Mort: Oh. Sorry... *whispering* so, what do I do?
Lina: All in good time my friend. All in good time.
We take a break from the children to catch up on Morpheus and his ghost-busting ways.
Morph: *Ectoplasm scan* I sense... something.
Scanner: Beeeeepppp... The-scan-has-come-up-neg-a-tive. Try-again.
Morph: Well Fuck it.
This is how he spends his time on the job. At least he gets a stipend of $1,000 a week or they wouldn't have a enough money for food.
Morph: *concentrated stare* Though I was planning on playing the Sicilian defense, I believe your counter move has forced me to use my kings bishop in a way that I'm not quite used to...
I'm not sure who he thinks he's playing with. His subconscious, his other self, his imaginary friend Mervin. Who knows?
Day time again, after school hours, and I find my lovely Aleksandrina doing her homework outside the school building. I want to tell her she can go home and work on it there, but she always seems to try her best to avoid the crowds. A true Loner in the making I tell ya. Tis the reason I hold a special place in my heart for mean, melancholy Aleksa.
Aleksa: *soft groan* I know this problem... X+34.921=V"ZO² ... *sigh* My dad could probably help me with this...
He probably could.
Nari teaches Akira how to talk. I think Akira is a cutie with her big black eyes.
N: Just say Air. Plane. Ay-er- pla-nuh. Air. Plane.
Akira: Aypla!
N: Close, but no. Ay-err. Er. Ayer. Air. Plane.
Akira: Aierrr Plane!
N: *sigh* Good.
She doesn't enjoy this. If Morphy was home more often and not loitering at stranger's houses playing chess then maybe she wouldn't have to do this. She keeps rolling wants to practice her writing, and take art classes. Someday soon Nari. Someday soon.
I know I should stop doing this break taking from the main story line but I built my first community lot! Now, don't laugh.

as you can see building in the sims isn't my forte. I call it the Mystic Gnome and it's an all purpose consignment store. It's got everything. 4 easels, a drawing table, a makeover station, a porta-potty, a dance floor, a community stereo system that only plays elevator music, a sculpting station, 9 book shelves, two plastic chairs, a koi fish named Jomo, the urns of Mr. and Mrs. Winklestein, and a gnome on a pedestal named Koochie, plus his sidekick the flamingo Womperbean. I thought it needed a landmark, you know, other then the gargantuan land indent, so I placed a hot air balloon right out front.
I guess I'm showing you because this will be where I'll end up sending my sim children for their dates, and other outings. Possibly even a wedding. Huh? Huh?
*geeky grin*

Aleksa: *sniff*
O_O What's wrong?
Aleksa: Nothing... nothing is ever wrong.

How can you be hungry you demon?! You're a doll! By sim standards!
Puzzle: I crave... human sustenance... that little Aleks... Hmm...
I got so close to deleting the creeper at this point. He kept staring at one of the toddlers the wrong way, but I thought Aleksa would be mad at me. Yes, yes. I am a paranoid crazy. They're just pixelated dolls.
They're just scary all right?

Wha the-? EH?
I had the hover over the black dust whirl for a few seconds to figure out who the heck was fighting. Retrospectively I suppose I could have just gone down the list of icons at left... hm... *shrug*
Apparently Aleksa and Ayame have gotten into it for whatever reason.
Matthew: U-uh I h-h-hope Ayame i-is doing a-*voice catches in throat* right...
You could, I don't know, help her?
Matthew: N-n-n-no. I um... c-couldn't... Ayame w-would be angry...
Aleksa: Piece of cake.
Ayame: *Sad face memory* Curses!
Aw. She lost. Not that I'm surprised. This means Aleksa probably started the fight. Not that I'm surprised.

In the mean time Nari has found the drawing table. She's a closet artist. She really likes these kinds of activities.
N: Morpheus, is that you? Could you remember to tell the girls to research that store? I got a text from their teacher-
Nope. It's me! HIYA!
N: ...
It makes me sad that you dislike me so much. Someday I'll save your life and you'll have to thank me for it.

Aleksa: ...Who do you think you're looking at like that? Are you seriously still upset about me beating you in that fight?

Ayame: Are YOU seriously going to act like attacking me for no reason whatsoever is okay?

Ayame: You might as well be that mean boy at school who takes everyone's lunch money!
Aleksa: What? That guy is the lunch supervisor's assistant! And besides, I beat kids up for pleasure. not profit.

Ayame: You're so terrible...
Aleksa: Yeah. Whatever. Look at you, little miss perfect, always mom and dad's favorite. You should be roughed up a little! Nothing else bad ever happens to you!
Puzzle: I can... kill her for you... Aleks...

Matthew(humming): doo dee doo hmm... dum dee dum...
I really don't do their creepy singing justice.
He is on his way to get into bed with Ayame. He truly seems to adore her.

I believe this is Aleksa the next morning. The shower mutated her temporarily due to toxic waste being leaked into the pipes.
That's what I tell myself anyway. I really need to get rid of these glitchy pieces of clothing.

Akira took a while to realize she had a doll of her own. She'd been secretly coveting her twin's own little cloth friend, and was thrilled to find her own red cloth man hiding in the corner of her nursery.
Akira: Mimo! I want you to be my friend.
Mimo: *whispers*
Akira: Right Mimo. We'll be the best of companions. We'll travel to world, and discover the stars.
Mimo: *wink*

He really did wink.

I decide to send Ayame out on the town the next day to explore, buy a couple books, and get away from her sister. She discovered this guy. Theodore Moony or something like that.
She was very interested in him, but he wouldn't have talking to a little girl, mean spirited looney that he is (I checked his stats).
Ayame: We could go sit on that bench over there. I have a game I can show you.
Theo(already past her on his way to talk to Bella Bachelor across the street): *ignore*

Is it just my game or is Bella Bachelor a tart? Whenever Nari reads the paper I get notifications of her romantic exploits. She seems to have a different one, or two every other day...

Ayame: Whatever. Playing imaginary space race is more fun alone. Vroom, vroom! Take that Cyborgean scum! Take that Spock wannabe! I'll blow you up with my neutron lazers reaver filth!

Nari finally got around to punishing the girls for fighting, though Ayame got off with a warning. Aleksa being the incident instigator got grounded for 3 days.
N: Fighting family members is not allowed in this household. You know better then that.
Aleksa: *shrug* It's in my nature mom. Ayame makes me angry.
Nari's heart pangs a little. She understands anger, but there's nothing she can do. Rules are rules.
N: You're grounded for 3 days Aleksandrina. Your dad will talk to you when he gets home, if he gets home. Now, up to bed. I don't want to see any lights on. I'll check on you in a bit.

Ayame is already in bed. She thinks about the boy from school who never glances her way, of the birthday she has coming up. She thinks of blowing up the world with a blink of her eyes, and daydreams of cats falling from the sky. She can't seem to sleep.

I realize now that this picture is actually of daytime but... let's just be imaginative here. Pretend my fellow interwebians. Pretend.

Aleksa arrives in her room to discover her sister already snoozing under her covers. She flips off the light, and climbs into her own bed falling asleep in minutes. Ayame dreams of pen and paper people flitting around like words in a book laughing syllabic sounds, and screaming letter curses. "X! Z! Q! P!"
Aleksa dreams of the world on fire, of burning down her hated foes. In her dream she wishes over the tops of trees, watching the inferno of her own creation. She thinks of how quiet this kind of dying is, and floats away.

Morpheus got a promotion! My only question: HOW?
Morph: I have been given a new position as Valley spirit eviscerator.
I can see you're excited about this... prospect?
Morph: Yes. Quite truly! I look forward to telling Nari.

I later figured out that you can get promoted in the ghost hunter career by just improving your logic skill. All that chess playing payed off I guess... I suppose I can't complain about his slacking off anymore.

Now before the upcoming birthday of both sets of twins, I will give you that promised tour of the house. If bored, and impatient skip ahead 11 pictures.
This is the family room. That is the sofa and table Nari found at the junkyard.
This is the brand new dining room. The kids like to do their homework here.
This is the renovated kitchen complete with a dishwasher and microwave that no one ever uses.
This is the- oops.
Nari: What the?! Hey!
*bashfully* this is the downstairs/master bathroom... *leaves quietly*
This is the master bedroom. There's a cheap computer on the desk, and it looks like Morpheus has an idea.
Morph: *SNORE*
O_O He snores! That's great...
The nursery. It's rather large. I figure eventually it will look nicer and the kids will actually want to play in here.
Stairway to heaven. Was that corny? Oh well.
The upstairs balcony with telescope. They live across the street from a pretty well stocked fishing area.
The girl's room. I've since added another bunk bed and moved the door farther towards the bathroom. They also now have bean bag chairs, a bookcase, and a computer.
The girl/upstairs bathroom. The dresser is in here because, well because I thought it made sense at the time.
This is what eventually became the skilling room. As it is in this picture is was not yet a room, and all they had was a drafting table, and chemistry set. Both presents from Nari's best friend Thornnton Wolff. I love having rich friends.

A week has passed, today it is Wednesday and it is Aleksa, Ayame, Akira, and Lina's birthday.
Aleksa: These flowers smell awful. Isn't it funny how my mom got these on her first date with dad, and yet has never had to water them to this day...?
*whistling*...Oh! You're talking to me? Yeah. Strange...
Aleksa: Well anyway they make me sick. I do like their color though.

Morpheus still wearing his old work uniform surprises Aleksa with a present. It is the sim-fu whatsit (the pole thing sims kick and punch to gain martial arts skill) that Morpheus received from a chinese tourist. (I kind of re-gifted it because it'd already been sitting out in their front lawn.)
Upon directing him to afterwards give the board breaker to Ayame he stomped his feet, and gave me a dirty look refusing to attend to his other older daughter. *shakes head* Aleksandrina and her father aren't even friends, but he's so attentive to her. I understand. Aleksa is my favorite too(I think...)
Morph: Here. I got this for you.
Aleksa: *frown slowly turning into a smile (albeit a small one)* Um... thanks dad. But isn't this the training dummy we've had in front of our house for two years now?

Oh look! Nari's in her wedding dress which means she must be pregnant. She's actually been pregnant for a few days months. I didn't know because she was always walking around in her wedding dress and the wedding dress either shows the bump or doesn't. I only realized she was impregnated when I saw she had the pregnant moodlet.
Nari: God! I'm fucking tired!
Well go to sleep!
I had to later buy her a new bed because she kept refusing to sleep in the one she's owned with Morpheus for many the sim year.

2 minutes after taking the previous photo she went into labor. ignore the bar. I bought it for a party that never happened and hadn't sold it yet before Nari decided to go make herself a drink.

And voila! The first boy of the generation and legacy is born. I named him Adrian. He is a clumsy genius.

Birthday time.
Aleksa: *somber pout*

Ayame(thinking): That thing is going to happen to me again isn't it?

They actually threw a small birthday party this time around. Nari invited Thornton Wolff, and whoever that lady is just showed up.


Ayame Valkinova: teenager.

I made her over and this is what I ended up with. She has her father's cheekbones, facial structure, and lips, but her eyes are her mother's. I think she's got a kind of elven beauty. I can definitely see the asian in her. She developed the bookworm trait which I think suits her nicely.

Puzzle: *looking away* I...must not... gaze upon... Aleks... The sparkly dust... will murder...

After a makeover she looks just like her mother like I knew she would. Lighter skin though. That's the only thing she appeared to take from her father, looks wise anyway. She's very pretty but not as unique looking as Ayame. She developed, quaintly, the rebellious. She will be the first rebellious sim I've ever had. I wonder if the sims grow out of it when they grow up...? Ah well. I can work with this.

Oh. You grew up too.


Lina(thinking): It's finally my turn! I will be older and more able. My plan will finally be put into action...!

Lina: *laughing excitedly*

Yes. I suck. This is Anzhelina as a child. She like everyone in this family went straight for the cake. Unlike Aleksa, and Morpheus however she only ate one piece.
Lina: *munch, chew, munch* This cake tastes good. Mom! This cake is good!

A (slightly) better picture of Lina. I think her blue eyes are so odd... Where did they come from?

Akira grew up off screen so I failed to get a picture of her before she found the chemistry set upstairs.

N: I hate swimming.
Ayame: Yeah? *muttering* I hate my sister...

Why is there always fucking cake on the fucking floor?! Every birthday- Cake. On the floor.
Cake: Mehhehhehheh... MWHAHAHAHA!! I've successfully thwarted this family's wishy washer machine. I am now one step closer to legacy domination!
N: WTF? I fixed this yesterday.
HA! Cake you FAIL. I have my darling cantankerous Nari to fix everything in this house. You will never succeed in taking over this legacy.
Cake: *secretive frosting smile* You think so.

Uh oh. I suppose you will have to wait to see how Akira looks, because when I went to check on her I discovered that she had somehow blown herself up.
Akira: I'm OKAY Mimo. It was just a little explosion, nothing to worry about.
Mimo: *mutter* shh...psss...
Akira: Yeah, I know. I'm just trying to figure out the chemical formula for invisibility venenum. Lina asked me years ago to make it for her. I don't really know why...

See what I mean. Attentive. Morpheus rolled the want to teach Aleksa to drive immediately upon her becoming an adolescent. Then again that's probably good parenting on his part as she'd probably end up stealing the car anyway. Oh and I suppose I haven't introduced you to Rubitz, the Valkinova's first car.
Rubitz: Who the hell is driving me now? Is it that creepy doll kid that always runs his hands over my bumper?
No. He can't drive. Thank gods... That's Aleksandrina. Morpheus and Nari's kid. She just had her birthday.
Rubitz: You mean she's only 13 or some shit?!
Calm down. She's... a sim. So... she's about... 14 and a half?
Rubitz: Yeah. Thanks. I feel so much better now.
Don't worry. Dreamy is in the car too. He's a genius.
Rubitz: Yeah. A genius who can't figure out that his marriage might actually work better if he was ever at home.

Ayame, true to her bookworm trait, finds a book on Tree Whispering. I think this is the one my sim Amélie wrote right before she died.

This thing is almost over, but I had to show you this picture of Akira the next day riding a bike to school. She doesn't seem to care at all that she's covered in soot, and possible third degree burns. She happily grabbed a bowl of cereal in the morning and head out the door to get to school early.

To end this instead of a mini story how about a chess game with my favorite quiet, ghost buster, dream king man, Morpheus.

Morph: *scratches chin* Hmm... You seem to know what you're doing in countering my move with that knight.
You: Yes... I think. Oh. Right! Your queen is in danger! I... GOT YOU!
Morph: *thinks silently for a few moments*
Morph: Ah ha! No but now you've allowed me to get your king in check. You've let your guard down.
You: What? Wait. NOOOOOOO!!!
Don't worry. I did the same thing the last time I played him.
You: *stares intently at board hoping desperately for a solution to appear*

After Several moves....

You: Check. Mate. *glaring across the board waiting for opponent's wail of defeat*
Morph: *looks down, assesses board* You have defeated me in combat my lovely acquaintance. I will lay down my arms peacefully. You're quite the player. I am deeply impressed.

o_O?! How the heck did you beat him? I never win. Ever.

Anywho that's it for this chapter. I'll... not make any promises about the next release date only because I really don't know and I feel like this maybe not so existent reader/writer relationship we have going might be better if I stopped lying to you. I will only say that it will be up. Eventually.
Hope you enjoyed it at least a little. Bye!

The Valkinova legacy: kind of a legacy but eh... not really. 1.1
Okay, we left off with Nari about to tell her weirdo husband Morpheus something important. It has been 3 months (about a day in sim time). Nari has been avoiding talking to Morpheus about anything, and to cover up for the silence between them they have taken to woohoo multiple times a day.
Morpheus is still looking for work, and seems to be more irritable then usual, which is saying something as he is a hothead by nature.
Hey, Nari. What have you been up to these last last few months?
Nari: *looks up* eh? Oh. It's you. Nothing really. Working on telling Morphy about... this thing that I have.
Thing? You mean... baby?
N: Shh!! I don't want him to hear. The thing is I don't know how he'll take it. I'm not even sure if he likes kids.
And you do?
N: *rolls eyes* I've never really thought about it. I guess I've always wanted a big family. Maybe 3 girls, and 3 boys and- Hey! Why am I talking to you anyway? I don't like you.
I proceeded to leave her to her own devices while she got ready for the day. Coincidentally she is a family oriented sim and her lifetime wish is to be surrounded by family.
I find her about 5 minutes later yelling at Sir whatsisface about liking the color blue.
N: What are you saying you vexatious wart! The color blue is a supreme color representing such things as peace, and the calm of the sea! What color do you find diverting? HM?! Fucking yellow? Grating Crimson? WHAT?!
Oh dear.
Sir Whatsis: I merely wished to point out that the sky would look nicer if it were another color... and technically the sea is an entity of an almost split personality. Calm and raging, a bit like you I might add...
Oh no sir. You shouldn't have gone there.
N:Are you calling me hotheaded? Telling me that I have problems?! Why you delectably awful twat, you morsel of abominable idiocy!! I'll show you to mess with me!
I really love her colorful insults.
She attacked him. I didn't get a picture of the actual fight. but yeah. Nari lost, and then she pouted the entire walk home.
Sir Whatsis: Madame, I did not wish to teach you such a lesson, but you left me no choice.
N: *mumbling* I would have beat him... I would have... hit me right in the chest... could have taken him... I wasn't paying attention...
Don't worry Nari. I understand. You were thinking of your being knocked up. :) No worries. We can go home and tell Morpheus right now.
N: Fuck you voice in the sky.
Somewhere between Sir Whatsis and home Nari changed clothing. I guess she was right about the pregnancy. The second she got in the door Morpheus grabbed her in a hug. Ah sweet, and blah dee blah.
N: Wha? Um. Morpheus, you- uh.
Morph: You mean more then the stars to me. You are beautiful.
o_O Oh no. Don't get me wrong. No surprise here. Slight irritation, but no shock. He does this often.
N: I need to tell you something...
N: I'm preg-
Morph: You are carrying our baby.
N: How did you-
Yeah Morph. How did you know?
Morph: I could not sense any menstrual flow from you last week, and you usually smell of raspberries, but now smell of something else.
o_O*? Morpheus you are a weirdo.
N: Oh. Wait. What? You think I smell like raspberries? I guess you smell like clean air after it rains...
Morph: Yes, but now you smell like- like something is brewing within you. You smell of life, new life, old life. You smell of birth. I could only assume you had conceived.
N: You're not angry are you? I mean. I'm happy. Are you okay with this though?
He couldn't be better, as they proceeded to get straight into bed and woohoo. Again.
I can't really tell his reaction though. His thoughts seem guarded.
Nari begins to write a sci-fi novel. I don't know. She seems to really like writing, and she learns it fast. I find it funny though how she autonomously goes to use the computer to write, and yet still gets a mood decrease because she's technophobic. Strange.
N: *typing* Bizen, the wretched hero of our tale, woke up that morning to a peculiar feeling in the pit of his stomach. He looked around, first to his left, and then to his right, taking in the white washed walls and the Morphedometer standing where he'd left it in the corner of the room. It's eyes were red, glowing like the crimson moons he was accustomed to seeing on his home planet, Vazilie. "Strange," he thought.
Morpheus on the other hand finally got a job as a ghost buster. He wears this hideous yellow jumpsuit almost everywhere now. He's always thinking about collecting more souls which I find both endearing and disturbing.
I would write dialogue for him, but he never says anything. Especially while he's working. The workaholic bastard...
Morph: I heard that. I do not appreciate being called names. I may have to turn this curious contraption around and do something rather unpleasant.
Oh. Sorry. I'll just be leaving now. You seem to do this job autonomously anyway.
Nari goes to the beach, eats hotdogs at the park, argues with whoever she encounters, and practices her writing skills for when she goes back to work. She's really loving her pregnancy.
Morph: What's happening? Is IT happening? Now?! OMG
He really did freak out, too long to take Nari to the hospital to have her baby. I was very surprised when this happened. He's so emotionally dead the rest of the time. *shrug*
Nari brought home a baby girl. Oh. Wait. That's right. She brought home two. This one is Aleksandrina. She was born a brave loner, so I named her something that means man's defender except the russian variation.
This is her sister Ayame meaning iris, which I thought suited her disciplined trait. She's also a light sleeper.
To take a break from my sims's lives, this is a picture of their house that I could build thanks to Nari's friend Thornton Wolff sending them a wedding present worth $15,000.
I built a second story where the girls' room will be when they get older. I'll take you on a tour later when I remember to take pictures of the whole thing.
Nari, still wearing her formal dress begins to write a comedy. Bizen, her last book didn't sell very well, so I suggested it might be better for her to write something she knows, something she's good at like humor. Nari has a good sense of humor, always laughing.
N: *typing* Jane woke up running. She had fallen asleep on her treadmill. She must have been running in her sleep, running in a dream. That's the only way she could explain how she had managed to keep the machine running while dozing off. "Strange," She thought before stepping off the treadmill, flipping the light switch on, and moseying over to the open refrigerator to grab a carton of milk. She sipped, gulped, inhaled the cool liquid, stretching out her eyelids, and cracking her toes. Today was the day of her final. Today was the day she killed her professor.
Wait. Eh? How is that comedic Nari?
N: Argh! Go away. This is my process voice in the sky.
I bought them a chemistry set, and Morpheus set off right away to discover a potion. I think he looks goofy in that white lab coat.
Morph: One measure of this Petracolicide and a pinch of this Hydrogenerpotassifate...
Whatcha making?
Morph: Please. Do not distract me. I am concocting a potion.
I can see that.
A year passes-3 days in sim time, and it is Aleksandrina and Ayame's birthday. It is time for them to embark on the slightly less boring journey of toddlerdom.
Observe. Morpheus. Stern look in his eyes, completely serious. The baby is Aleksandrina.
Now Observe, Morpheus completely serious. The baby is Ayame. Different pictures but so completely the same.
Aleksandrina Valkinova. Has her mother's eyes, both her parents' black hair, though it doesn't look blue black like her Nari's. Her mouth sits in a down turned frown, and I can tell she's her father's daughter. Why so sad Aleksa, why so down? :(
Ayame Valkinova. Her eyes the same color as her mother's but her mouth is definitely Morpheus's. She seems relatively happier then her twin. There's a twinkle in her eyes, and I think she might be my favorite so far.
Ayame goes straight for her (creepy) doll/imaginary friend, Matthew. She sings a little baby song to him, giggling, and then punches him in the stomach and crawls over to wail at her father.
Aya: Hee hee. Doo la dee ma foo fa nee go... La! teeheehee. *squeal*
He's such a sucker.
Aleksandrina looking sad and melancholy, pets her doll, Puzzle, and whispers to him in that secret language you speak to any imaginary friend, that everything will be all right.
Aleksa: [translated] Puzzle, dear Puzzle. I know things seem crazy, and sad. Bad very bad. But someday we will go together and everything will be good. I know it.
Oh god. I know what that face means.
Nari: *Come hither eyes*
Morph: *startled*
But you know he's not really startled. *head to desk*
Morpheus is an autonomous father. He's best friends with both Ayame and Aleksandrina. (Such a long name. Will you get confused if I simply call her Aleksa?) He does seem to favor Ayame more though. Constant hugging, snuggling, attacks of the claw, and playing. Poor Sad Aleksa.
This was his thought bubble when I told him to go change Aleksa's diaper. It could be that Dreamy isn't too fond of the idea of getting peed on, or it could be a lack of desire to give attention to his oldest twin. Who knows?
Morph: *dead stare* thinking: you must be fucking kidding me...
Both parents favor Aya.
Morph: Darling Nari, may I take our child from you. I think she may need sustenance.
Nari: One second. I'm going to take her for a walk, and- It's her again.
Morph: Who?
N: That voice in the sky. I can feel it watching.
Yes. That is true. Here I am.
N: *simmering glare*
Morph: *confused*
It's time for individual interviews just to check in with how our founders are feeling.
Hello Morpheus. How have you been doing with the new kids and all.
Morph: Again, please refrain from calling me that, and the kids are... what I expected.
You seem to really get along with them, a natural parent. Do you have the nurturing trait hidden somewhere in that stone cold facade?
Morph: *rubs arm* I suppose... I am as nurturing as anyone. Do you not have somewhere else to be, what is it my wife calls you, Voice in the sky?
Fine. I'll go find said wife, and see what she thinks.
Nari, just the person I was looking for.
Nari: Hi.
So how are liking the children, the new house, the new life?
N: It's new.
That's it. "It's. New?" That's the only thing you can muster up?
N: What do you want from me? I signed up to do this legacy thing of yours. Hey, look, I'm doing it. You don't care what I think of this. You're only asking for the story, only asking so you can type my words into interweb oblivion, and feel somewhat accomplished. Me and you both know that Morpheus and I won't get out of this alive, and you! You're just biding your time. Why not go ask the babies hm? Why Not Go Ask Them?
O_O oohkay... You're angry with me.
N: No. Not angry you idiotic voice in the sky. I just want you to leave me alone. I don't care about you.
I left. I suppose I'm sad now. No matter. It's not as if what she said isn't true. Poor Nari.
Aleksa finally got some attention from her mother. I mean I'm sure she loves both of them very much, but she never smiles with Aleksa. Perhaps she feels it quaint for them to be sad clowns together.
Aleksa: Mommy! What do you count to ten?
N: *laughing* What?
Aleksa: What do you count to ten? ones threes twos... um... ones... *sniffle* What mommy?
N: Aleksandrina Valkinova, my girl, you'll learn to count to 10 when you're older, but for now we can count to blue, and green, and yellow, and gold. We can sing to imaginary letters, and chocolate frogs. Just keep dreaming little girl. Just keep dreaming.
Do you remember *silent frown*? I have no idea why he's so pissed off.
Oh right. Nari's pregnant again. She vomited and then twirled around into new clothing. Great. More spare children. Nari doesn't seem happy about it. It's strange that she's a family oriented sim, but whenever she thinks about pregnancy and more babies she groans, and makes a face.
She absolutely despises her daughters' crying.
Big baby bump which means the day is getting closer that she'll pop out another one.
Aleksa: *wailing like a banshee*
N: ...
Sometimes I wonder about her. She's such a great mother one moment and then the next. Who knows?
I never get a good labor picture, but as you can see Nari had another baby. Two again to be precise. This one is Akira who is a genius with a good sense of humor. Finally traits passed on from the founders. Akira means bright which I thought suited her personality.
This one is Anzhelina which is a variation of the name Angelina meaning messenger. She is Friendly and Clumsy.

Allright. I leave you with a sims mini story, and a promise to be back at some point during this week. I hope you liked it or that it didn't annoy you too terribly. I'm not very good at getting the right pictures for the right moments, but ah well. See you!
Mini Story #1:
Avory Wilks is a 20 something young man who visits the town cemetery everyday. To read, to think, to daydream of better days. He contemplates his life, and his world and where he fits into it. I watch him sometimes when I get the chance, and it's true. He consistently shows up to the graveyard to sit on his bench and stare at the stars, or at times into the distance.
What a curious soul.
I do not know Avory well, but I think sometimes that he would be really nice to get to know.
I think I love him.
Sometimes I think that he would get me, we would somehow know each other, hear each other, truly honest to god see each other. Sometimes I think that wouldn't happen at all. I suppose in truth we'll probably despise each other from afar, him not even knowing it. I wonder what he reads so diligently. I wonder what color his eyes are.

And there you go. I just really wanted to use those pictures. I like finding interesting sims around town. I like giving them stories.


The Valkinova legacy: kind of a legacy but eh... not really. 1.0
Title page
This is the play by my own altered version of the rules of the Not so easy Sims 3 legacy. I don't really like the idea of having to unlock the buildings, or lifetime rewards, but I kind of like the idea of having a non-heir artisan sim in the household every generation so I'm keeping that. I also decided that for the first generation I would create 2 founders, so that I get children that don't look doughy and weird not that any sims don't look doughy and weird. To get my female founder I hit the randomize button and Voila...
Photo 1
I got the lovely Nari Valkinova as seen in the title picture. It's almost disturbing how pretty she is.
For story's sake Nari was born to a Japanese mother, and a half Columbian, half Russian father.
She grew up in a decent sized house in Seattle, Washington. Shortly after her 12th birthday, after spending the day watching the sky with her father up in the mountains, they both came home to find her mother, Asami, lying dead on the floor of the kitchen, a slip of paper clutched in her hand, and a long scorch mark running down her face. No one knows how she died. They assume it was asphyxiation from breathing too much smoke also assuming there must have been a fire explaining the burn mark. But Nari, cynical for her age, believes it was just an overly elaborate suicide, one of her dramatic, and often times over-emotional mother's way of drawing attention to herself. Gone terribly wrong of course, but typical. So typical. Her father, Adrian, fell into crippled darkness, his depression and catatonic state finally leading to him being placed permanently in a nursing facility. Nari was 18. She no longer speaks to her father, visits him, thinks of him if she can help it, and now I've decided to take her on her own life journey. Set her off to embark on the adventure that is life, and hopefully it treats her kinder then her old one did.
And now we begin.
Nari: So, this is my new house eh?
Yes Nari, that is so, though I just discovered that there's a bigger, more expensive lot in Summerview, so you'll probably end up moving there.
N: Moving? Again? Who the hell are you anyway? Why did I sign up for this? I know. It's because I was depressed as F--- and didn't want to end up like my dad, so I decided, why the bloody hell not, and signed the damn contract that some mysterious, and rather homely woman asked me to sign.
It's a legacy Nari. You will be getting happy in no time among other things of course.
N: Such as?
I don't know. Making babies, making me laugh, living in poverty, skilling till your brain is sore, you know, legacy stuff.
N: ... *WTF*
The first thing Nari does after our conversation is look for a job.
N: I'm thinking journalism...
Why, may I ask?
N: I've always been interested in telling people like it is. The news is always full to the brim with bad stuff, stories of hurricanes, and murders in alleyways, killers, and thieves, little girl rapes, and child abductions. I guess I'd just like to be the person who talks about the good stuff too.
*Nods approvingly* Well then, so be it. Journalism it is.
Nari is now a paper girl.
The first person Nari meets is a woman named Victoria Andrews. I thought she had nice cheekbones. It also turns out that she's Nari's boss.
N: I don't know why I'm so exicited to ask you this, but do you work out? You're tiny. You look like you don't eat at all.
Victoria: (thinking)Rockets... Wait Syringes... Wait. What the Fudgenics is this picture of floating above my head?
N: Okay... Never mind...
She turns away, I turn away.
I turn back and this is happening. For a moment I think, oh, random, and then I realize it's Nari and some chubby chica. What? I say. Huh?
And of course Nari kicks ass. Really though,
Why were you fighting, or more, how exactly did she piss you off?
Nari: *snarling*
Random sim: Oh my life, oh the pain, my aching, breaking, AUGHHH!!
Nari: Teach you to F--- with me.
Oh right, I didn't mention. Nari is Hot headed. *blinks* Very.
N: *smug smile*
And Why are you smiling mah dear?
Ah. That's right. And this would be Founder 2, Morpheus Endless, created by me, inspired by the character in Neil Gaiman's, The Sandman. I moved him into a little house in town, and what do you know Nari "randomly" shows up at his place, and goes all googoo eyed. Nari. Valkinova. Smitten? *shrug* I guess so.
Morpheus: *silent frown*
Oh gods, he's great. As Nari soon discovers, Morpheus too is a hothead.
N: Hey, I didn't mean anything by it. It's just, you're really hot, all pale and boney, like the grim reaper, like a dream.
Morph: *silent frown*
N: Dude, WTF?
Morph: *silenter frown*
Nari: You know, even though you won't say a word to me, I still think you're the coolest thing.
Morph: *blank stare*
Anyways after about 6 hours of frowning or staring blankly Morpheus finally opened up and voila, they begin to share secrets, he whispering of far off worlds, and her laughing giddily, because oh golly gee, this ghostly hunk is paying attention to me!
The Next day:
Off to work we go. She'd be a surprisingly good looking paper girl should she actually be riding around town on a bike delivering papers.
I see you put your hair up in that neon yellow hat.
N: Yep.
Not saying much today are we?
N: nope.
Still thinking of the dream king?
N: *sigh* yes...
*gag* But also cool beans because she likes him, and I think he likes her well enough (who would know, you know?) Legacy here we come!
And who do we have here? Thornton Wolff, I must see him in profile.
Oh yummy goodness. I wonder if he has children. Perhaps I'll alter time and space (cheat) and make him young again, or maybe an affair. I'll have to see if Nari likes him. Here she comes.
Oh. She's talking on the phone to Mr. Sandman.
N: I have a sparkly new home, and everything. A double bed, just big enough for two, *hint* *hint*.
Morph: (What he's probably saying)Ah. I suppose people do often enjoy a new abode. Do you often get this excited about your furniture?
Of course I could be completely wrong. Not a big talker that one.
Hey! Nari. I want you to meet someone.
Damn. He was gone. On arriving home Nari payed her bills like the responsible young woman she is.
N: What are you talking about? I wanted to hold off paying these. I only have 300 bucks. This will deplete my bank account by half.
Oh well. Such is life eh? Bills need to be payed or else the repo-man will come, and you'll be left with only a cheap toilet, an equally cheap romance novel, and maybe the sofa you found at the junkyard.
N: Whatever strange person in the sky. I'm paying them aren't I? (grumbling)Won't have any money to buy flowers for Morpheus... he won't talk to me... damn you bitch in the sky...
And look who we have here. Seriously though. She never invited him over, but out of nowhere he flashes into being by her mailbox.
You seem to be hungry Nari. Perhaps you should go inside and make yourself something to eat.
N: *dreamy eyed* You're here...
Morph: *blank stare*
Oh wait there was more.
Morph(continued): Yes...
Well, Nari decides to straight away to invite Morphy in for salad, that she then proceeded to make. He grabs a book off the bookshelf, The trials of Rothgar or some such, and surprisingly doesn't say a word.
Good book Morpheus?
Morph: ...
Nothing, for the entire hour that Nari eats, and finally on Morphy's 4th plate of salad (really. -_-*)
He speaks. Cross eyed.
Morph: Your book was of satisfactory length.
Nari: Oh? Really? I don't like swimming.
O_O *face to palm*
They end up going outside to watch the stars.
N: *places hand on hand* I really like you, you know? You're so... mysterious.
That's one way to put it.
Morph: *looks down. Confused* I suppose I don't understand.
N: Look! That constellation over there. I remember seeing that from my house back in, well in the past.
Morph: *raised eyebrow* Am I to assume your past was less then satisfactory?
Now he's perceptive...
Morph: That burning orb of gas over there is Aspidiske or as it's known in Arabic, Tureis. It means "little shield". Do you see the constellation it's a part of, Carina? They say, many years ago Carina was part of a great ship captained by Jason of the Argonauts. She was beautiful, a dark beauty, a dream vessel.
N: *giggle* Really? I never really got the hang of star names. I just love the sky, everything about it.
Excepting me right?
N: *ignore*
They stand like this for a while, taking in the moment I guess. Nari is of course the one to break the silence.
N: Your eyes are so... well they're like dreams.
Morph: *silent smile*
What the hell? It's like he's never hugged anyone.
Morph: *flustered*
N: Just put your arms around me, like that yes, now we get closer...
Gee Nari, someone should pay you to give hug tutorials. Scratch that. Emotive expression tutorials.
Never mind then. Morpheus Endless, enthusiastic? Is the world ending? Did a puppy just get stabbed?
N: Morpheus, for whatever reason, I already really love you. You're like a dream come to life, like the dark prince of my nightmare world. Marry me.
He says yes. Sort of. In less words.
That writhing mass under the generic green comforter? Yeah. You know. Right after the proposal too. Whores.
I decided to have a wedding party for them. It cost them 200 bucks for the cake and chairs, but oh well. It was a momentous enough occasion.
Blah, blah, blah, wedding.
N: And now I place this ring upon thy finger, joining us together forever in holy matrimony.
Holy even though you were doing the dirty until 9 this morning?
Morph: *laughing*
You might want to give her your hand to put the ring on your finger buddy.
Oh and don't ask why the outside wall of Nari's house is outer space themed. It just is.
N & M: *om nom nom*
Eugh... not the most attractive kissers are they?
After cutting the cake, they all sat down to eat. I don't know where all these people came from. Nari only invited Victoria (the girl dancing by herself in the background).
Wolff lady: No can sit down. WHA-?
*shakes head* Hey. At least Thornton showed up. I later had Nari befriend him. They are now best friends.
And again. Right after the wedding. She must have gotten knocked up one of those times.
The dream king dreams! Of unicorns.
Morph: *groan* don't leave me mister unicorn... you'll be the last of your kind... we can be together forever... mister unicorn wait...
Time to get up. Morpheus says nothing as usual.
N: Hey? Morphy cakes? I think I may be... Never mind.
Way to chicken out there Nari. Wait. What were you going to say anyway? You're not- no. Really?
N: *rolls eyes* Leave me the hell alone voice in the sky.
Okay, okay. No need to get touchy.
I leave them to there own devices for a few sim hours. They end up standing around daydreaming, or thinking of ways to escape.
Anyways. I'll update this baby tomorrow. It is now time for me to sleep.
I really hope this thing gets better.
No promises, désolé, sorry.
I do hope you enjoyed my ineptitude if nothing else. Ta ta for now.


Some kind of introduction- copied and pasted from the introduction I wrote for my online film class
Hello. Not very original is it? I am Kelsey but I think for the purpose of this online journal I will choose to go by my Chinese name, Mei.

I am the girl wearing aviator goggles. I'm terrible at introductions, but I suppose I'm not the first person who has said that. I write, poetry, stories. The longest thing I ever wrote was an odious 753 page, single spaced, "novel" if you could even call it that. I've never read through the whole thing, and it lies scattered, broken up into 13, maybe 14 documents on several different USB keys and in 3 printed out parts hidden in some of my favorite places. I love books, the smell of them, the way they feel under my fingers as I stroke the bindings, and the crisp or softened pages depending on how well read they are. My favorite book is The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov because it's so odd, and funny, and it has this crazy black cat who walks upright, and speaks witticisms and scorn for the poor saps who get their lives ruined over the course of the novel. What else to say about myself? I guess I might as well say that I am the girl who weirds you out, appears anti-social, creepy, and reserved. Boring even? I can't deny any of those things because honestly I am the kind of girl who sticks to herself, her books, and her piles of dvds, and doesn't, how do you say it, "get out much". Oh, woe is me. Look! There's another person who thinks I'm strange and humdrum. Hm. That's okay though. I've grown up pretty much alone. Wait. What? You're the stereotypical... loner? Bad news right? We're gonna stay away from that one. *Ignore.*

Story of my life. Anyway, what else can I add? Since this is a film class I suppose I can mention that I love movies like a lot of people. Especially foreign ones, japanese and french specifically. Though there are two italian films, Life is beautiful (Something else in italian obviously), and Allegro non troppo that I really enjoyed. I like comedies, period pieces, early twentieth century horror films (I love 1931 dracula with Bela Lugosi), epics (My favorite one of recent is Akira Kurosawa's Ran but Seven Samurai and the Lord of the rings films are good too), tawdry sci-fi disaster movies, psychological thrillers, and generally just movies with scenes that make me laugh (e.g. the singin' in the rain scene in A Clockwork Orange).

I'm half chinese, and a quarter swedish. The rest of the equation is kind of a mystery.

I once had a therapist tell me that I seemed to have a gentle soul. This is a common misconception and I happily corrected him in a stern voice saying, "No Sir. I am as fiery as the next young tempestuous, and abrasively sardonic virago. If my soul needs to have a word pasted across it like a reused soup can label then that word would be, misunderstood.' No. I did not actually say those words but how I wanted to. I seem to have written a lot. I know I should probably stop, but as most likely I won't be talking to any of you in person in the future, I think I will continue. At least long enough to say a couple more things.

I am the girl wearing aviator goggles or a top hat with fishnets, neon socks, plaid skirts, and a t-shirt that states that I am an alien. Yeah, my attire of choice isn't really that important a thing to tell about myself, but I figure I might as well let you know what you'll be seeing. Do people often prefer to be prepared, or do they favor surprises, and the unknown? Fine. I'll stop writing now. I've probably bored into a comatose state whatever poor individual is still reading this offal. I offer my apologies, and hope you're not too creeped out by my meanderings.


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