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The Valkinova legacy: kind of a legacy but eh... not really. 1.3
This will be a long update as I'm trying to get everything up to date for the heir poll.
Sorry for the sporadic style. I've been doing this in pieces, and my mood has varied.

We begin on a shot of the child twins doing their homework together. Akira has been autonomously "discovering" potions again and apparently failing miserably. Anzhelina is just bored, so for the last half an hour she's been pestering her sister to help her with her ®Fizics For Kidz assignment.
Lina: ArrrGHH! Why does Mr. Kington have to assign us this crap? Who cares that Mr. Gravity and Mrs. Universe had a baby?! This doesn't even make sense... Aki? ...Akira!
Akira: *heavy sigh* again...? What Lina? I told you already. The gravitational pull of sun on the earth and the surrounding planets is what makes them orbit. Ignore the stuff about the universe baby. It's incoherent tripe- or I mean garbage... that makes no sense.
Lina: Fine. Thanks I guess. Two more problems and then I'm done. XD
Akira: *simmering glare across table*
She did seem rather annoyed that her sister was going to finish first.
My obligatory check up on founder #1 came shortly after. I found her tip-tapping away on her keyboard writing a science fiction novel again. She always rolls wants to write sci-fi.
Nari(typing): It's name was sector 12.6, it was the both the largest and most dangerous sector in the galaxy, and within it Jorzen knew she would find the ruby star where the heart of Juniper lay waiting...
Oh and she's pregnant. Seriously, she keeps rolling wants for kids even though her LTW is to grow only five kids into teenagers. I just hope it's not twins this time.
Meanwhile Aleksandrina is over at the new neighbors' house. Apparently there are two twin teenage boys, their father, and grandmother. Aleksa decides to make small talk with this red head boy Jack Mason.
Aleksa: So... ever had an imaginary friend?
Jack: Um. No... Can't say I have...
Jack: I do like cameras though. Photography. I just got a QX40di. Hikon. They make the best.
Aleksa: Right. I've heard of those. A little ostentatious don't you think?
Jack: No. Not really. The quality of the resulting images takes precedence over cost.
Aleksa: Ah. And it's not like money is an issue or anything.
Jack: ...
I find Ayame trying to get into the vampire bar at 9 that evening.
Ayame: *discretely hands §20 to bouncer* Listen, I just want to check the place out. I'll be out in 10 minutes tops.
Bouncer man: *nods while taking money* I see... Well, just between you and me we've been letting in an awful lot of minors lately. The vamps seem to really like them.
We take a break for baby Adrian's birthday. This is him as a toddler... No. Your eyes do not deceive you. He is blond, or really I'd call his hair yellow. Yellow hair. He looks like he has his father's eyes, but his mother's lips.
Really though. Where the hell did the blond hair come from?
Aleksa leaves the Mason's house feeling pleased. 'what a boy...' she thinks.
I thought you hated Jack.
Aleksa: Oh, him? I do.
Then... what boy do you speak of?
Aleksa: *sigh* a good one...
Ayame races over the hill, and around the corner straining to get home without getting caught by the curfew patrol. She's actually already been caught by some psychic police officer, but she escaped! Exhilarated at having avoided being arrested, but also disappointed at having not met a vampire, Ayame just hopes that her parents won't find out.
Ayame: *pant* Can't talk. *pant* Going. *pant* Home. *pant* have to be. *pant* Quiet.
He knows.
Lina: *swaying form side to side* (thinking)pretty music box, take me away.
Aleksa: Home free baby. That's how it's done.
I have to say, I am impressed. You avoided being caught by both psychic police, and your anger management worthy parents. *nod of approval*
Ayame arrives on the front porch of the house, breathless. 'I made it', she thinks giddily. 'now just to get through this door and up the stairs without-' Morpheus steps out of the bushes, adorned in his ghost busting gear probably trying to seem more badass.
Morph: Ayame.
Ayame: *stops in tracks, turns towards voice* Oh... Hi dad.
Morpheus: You're home... rather late this evening. Wouldn't you say?
Ayame: No. Not really... or I mean kinda, I guess... Listen. Dad, I-I was just down the hill you know. Just, hanging out on the street corner- oh! I mean, no, no I wasn't prostituting myself or anything I was just-
Morpheus: *deep heavy sigh*
Morpheus: I cannot let you off this time Ayame. I tire of your sister and yourself believing you can get away with whatever you desire. The truth is quite honestly nothing like that. This is a lesson you have need of learning.
Ayame: Are you serious?! Dad. Really? This is the only time I've ever broken curfew! The only time I've ever done anything wrong. Why aren't you looking for Aleksa? She's done far worse things then me! And you- I hate you!
Morph: You are grounded Ayame Valkinova! You are not to leave this house for anything. Not even your street corner hanging or whatever it is you called it.
Ayame: errGHH! That's obvious isn't it? *makes strangling motion with hands*
I find Lina again painting pictures in the study. She's what? Nine? -_-' I painted better...
Lina: I heard that, and this isn't supposed to look good. It's Aleksa with her troll feet.
I would seriously advise against you showing that one to her.
Well I'll be damned...
Ayame: *sniffling* Please dad. I'll never do it again. Never. Just let me off this one time.
I'd play up the pouty puppy dog look a little more for this guy Aya, but not enough to give you a hideous underbite. Also keep you eyeballs in your sockets. as much as I'd like to see you pop them out, who knows how Morphy would take it. like this tough, stoic sim man would ever give in to petty begging...
Morph: *contemplates begging* Very well. But I wish for you to tell your mother what you've done. If you desist I will be forced to enact consequences that I promise you will be far worse then perpetual home imprisonment.
Well I'll be fucking damned again... o_O...
Ayame: XD XD XD Great! Uh. I mean right. Tell mom. I'll do that. I love you dad. Really I do. (thinking)Fat chance...
He's probably had enough talking for the day, though I really don't blame him.
Ayame(thinking)Why did a chill just run up my back...?
Morpheus: *small half smile*
Aleksa: AHAYA!!
Ayame: *gasp*
Aleksa: heh.
Ayame feels a stream of rage building up in her starting in her toes, and traveling up until finally reaching her head. The world is boiling. It is red, the color of crimson hatred, and sisterly affection.
Aleksa: Hey, sis. Get with it. I got you. You get me. I beat you up. This is how it works.
Ayame: You are such a bitch AleksaNdrina. Fuck you.
Aleksa nods slowly, staring at her feet. A small dark sound escapes her lips.
In a flash Ayame spins around swiping her right hand across her sister's cheek. In a mocking voice...
Ayame: 'Get with it sis. I got you. I beat you up'
Oh shit. Oh no she di'int.
A small smile spreads across Aleksandrina's throbbing face. In a harsh, choking whisper...
Aleksa: Okay. I see how you want it.
Ayame oblivious to her sister's growing anger, feeling very pleased with herself for finally standing up, and fighting back, looks towards a few strangers standing in the park across the street, chuckling inwardly.
Puzzle: *laughing eerily*What'sss...going....on...?
It seems to me that Aleksa just took a pretty good hit to the jaw-Ooh. That probably hurt.*chews popcorn riveted*
Matthew: W-w-what's g-going on? Ayame? I-is that y-you?
Yep that's her. Now shush! The yowling is the best part. *shovels bunch'a'crunch into mouth still riveted*
Puzzle: I'll...kill her... for you... Aleks...
Seriously with that again. Shut up or fuck off creepy doll man. I have no patience for your consistent creeper tendencies. Besides you're ruining the show. *sips soda...STILL riveted*
*snicker* I mean did you expect it to end any other way?
Aleksa: Bitch. I told you not to fuck with me!
Ayame: PAIN!
Puzzle: It would... be... so easy... Aleks...
-_-' *controlling self*
The funniest thing is that while they did all that Morpheus was watching through the window.
Morph: Aleksa.
Aleksa: *sigh* What dad? I've already told mom, and you. It's in my nature. It's genetic or something.
Morph: Just take a deep breath, and go sit down for a few minutes.
Aleksa: You're really putting me in time out? I'm 15. A little old if you get what I mean.
Morph: *stern glance*
Aleksa: Fine. *rolls eyes*
Aleksa had to break her time out a few minutes later to go to school.
Morpheus: I am waiting for my daughter.
I see. But, um, weren't you back at home a second ago?
Morph: A father's concern for his child's discipline works many an unexplained thing.
So, that was cryptic and rather vague, but thanks!
I find Ayame crying by the cross walk sign down town. She's decided to skip school for the day, take a break form seeing all those people who never care to say hello.
Maybe if you weren't such a grumpy guss people would like you? Smile more...? It makes...the world go...round...?
Yeah, I don't know. Can't really help you in the making friends department.
Ayame: *sob* No one *sob* ever... *gasp* I hate her.
I'll take this moment to show you a close up of a non-burnt Akira. I think she's cute.
And look who it is.
Jack: oof! *stomach roils* Groan... What did that girl put in my food last night?
...Aleksa you never cease to amaze me.
Back at home Nari reaches to grab a plate of freshly made apple pancakes.
Nari: Morpheus, honey, you can have some of these. There's a lot, and I think I'll only eat 5 or 6...
Morph: No, my Nari, I am content with fridge vomit. You should eat the rest yourself.
This is his fourth piece of leftover cake. Four fucking pieces dreamy, really? This is just what the cake wants. Your addiction, and then POSSESSION, and then... BOOM. DONE. Everything is kaput. *shakes head*
Smile for the camera Ayame.
I see she's still mad.
Aleksandrina is happy, or as close to happy as she's ever been in all of her 15 years.
I guess this was the boy she was referring too. His name is Thomas Mason. He's Jacks twin brother, and I suppose they look alike though Jack has brown eyes, Thomas has blue.
Aleksa: This is a really nice house. You have a pole in your room and everything.
Thomas: Yeah. It's great. My grandmother has owned it for a while... (thinking)I'd like to see you on that pole.
-_-' boys. *shakes head*
Aleksa: *holds out hands, stares dreamily into eyes* ........... LET'S PLAY HOT HANDS!
Thomas: Okay. Wait. I know this.
Aleksa: *evil grin* (thinking)he doesn't know...
Back at home Aleksa prepares to say goodbye.
Aleksa: um.
Thomas: Hey, Goodnight beautiful. I'll see you-
Thomas: Woah!
Woah? Your lips looked pretty puckered there to me buddy.
Aleksa: *hovering* Uh. Hello? Thomas? *opens eyes,starting to get angry* Are you fucking kidding me?
Thomas: Wait. *reaches towards hand* I wasn't ready that's all. You surprised me Aleksa. Here. Let me try.
Aleksa: *looking dopey* Wha-?
Aleksa: You were just- surprised. Just. Not ready?
Thomas: Of course.
Thomas: I'd never knowingly pass up a chance to kiss you beautiful.
Aleksa: Oh. Right.
Thomas mason, the red headed strong boy from down the hill, grabs Aleksandrina in an embrace breathily whispering,'I really like you you know', before pressing his lips into her own. Aleksa is stunned, caught off guard, but she returns the embrace and reaches her mouth toward his.
T-T *wipes tear from eye* My sad angry Aleksa is growing up.
Akira and Morpheus are immersed in a serious game of chess. I'm just waiting for one of them to yell out GODZILLA! before sweeping all the chess pieces on the floor, Look at him all mad. I guess Aki is winning.
Morphues storms out the front door ready to hurt someone. His daughter is finally home.
Aleksa: Hey! dad. What-
Morpheus: Where have you been?
Aleksa: I was at a friend's house. Why? It's only 7.
Morpheus glares at his oldest daughter, lifts one hand and points towards the door.
Morph: You are not to leave this house. I have given you a chance and you've disregarded it as if it means nothing.

Three days later...
It's prom night, and Thomas has shown up to pick up Aleksa.
Thomas: Uh. Hey, Mr. Valkinova sir. I'm here to um. Pick up Aleksandrina?
Thomas: -and I love to work out. Work out all the time. Need to you know keep up my strength, ladies dig it-... and uh my coach likes me to stay fit being the quarterback and all. *nods* Yeah.
Thomas: So... Do you work out? You look pretty... fit.
Morph: ...
Thomas: I mean, you must be to have a wife like you do, because man Mrs. Valkinova is HAWT! Um... I mean... O_O.
Morph: ... Photobucket
Yeah I feel you Morphy. I feel you.
Seriously though what kind of guy talks for hours straight about his personal physique? Oh wait. I've met several. Never mind.
This makes me laugh. Aleksandrina snuck in later that night at around 10 and had this picture in her inventory.
It's confusing because as far as I know her date has been standing on her porch for hours waiting for her to get in the limo... that also left hours ago.
It's also a funny image. I like how Aleksa showed up in pants, and a nice shirt and is holding Thomas who is in his casual clothes, and looks excited at being swooped. What a doof.
Nari: I want another baby. Voice in the sky. Make it happen.
Um, let me think. No. You have five children. FIVE! And you're pregnant with (hopefully just) number six. That's more then this legacy needs. I better not find you rabbit humping with Morphy later on. NO. just say NO.
Nari: *moving screwdriver in and out*
...are you... fixing that t.v...?
Nari: Yeah. Someone sabotaged it.
Someone meaning... you?
Nari: *bends down further* I just can't seem to reach that screw over there. It's so small.
After about 5 minutes of that, I got a notification saying that Morpheus had lost a fight. Right. He's at work.
This is the woman that beat him. She's a local elderly name Martha or some shit. Wow Morph. I mean did the old lady have a cane rifle? Did she know mixed martial arts? I mean tell me something.
Ayame has started this Legacy's garden. I wonder how long I'll be able to keep it up. She seems content to do this, to get away from things for a while. School hasn't been great for her, and she can't help feeling angry whenever she's around her sister.
Ayame: Here tomato seed. A life for you from me. You can have mine, because my life with me kind of sucks right now.
A week passes, things seem to go as normal as whatever normal is for this family. It's the younger girls' birthday today along with with their baby brother.
I'm loving the painting there Morpheus. It's not like it's the same one everyone paints at skill level one or anything.
Aleksa: I almost choked a guy after health class today.
Lina: Really? Why? What'd you use?
Aleksa: A stethoscope of course and because he grabbed my ass. *sigh* Thomas didn't show up, so I had to do something.
Lina: Did he... struggle?
Geez Lina. Morbidly curious much?
Aleksa: No. Mr. Craven turned up just as I was going to do it. Bella Bachelor said something to him. Fucking snitch.
Lina: O_O hey. Don't cuss. Dad will hear you.
Aleksa: *raises eyebrow* You going to say something?
Lina: *looks back down at paper* no...
I guess I haven't really featured my darling Adrian much have I? I think he may be my favorite kid of the moment. He's a cutie. I wonder what trait he'll roll today. The doll is Winny, and I have to say she is the only doll I don't have some kind of problem with. I actually kind of like her.
Adrian: Winny! *gleeful giggle* I like moose and ribbit man.
Winny: This kind of hurts but I suppose it's the least I can do for the kid.
J'adore Adrian...Winny. <3
It's time to catch up on your skilling Adrian baby. Potty training is all you need before you're an EA deemed 'perfect child'.
Adrian: hal-lo!
I love him.

Birthday time.
Akira sparkles.
Akira: This wasn't in my science book...
Anzhelina ducks for cover.
Lina: I know what this is. I'm so close. So close to getting out of here.

And Adrian...
Wait. What? Come on Nari, Morpheus? Ayame! Don't just stand there. The poor kid is giving himself a hemorrhage. o_O
Teenage Akira. She takes after her father. The hair, the eyes, the mouth, the nose, the cheekbones, the chin. She's just not as pale as he is. I am satisfied. She's quite the dark eyed pretty methinks.
She rolled the hydrophobic trait like her mother. Oh wonderful. More riveting conversations starting and ending with, "I hate pools."
And Anzhelina. Those eyes... What the fuck EA? I suppose they are pretty. She's so... weird looking though. Not ugly... just striking. Such strong features. High cheekbones, wide, full lips, Nari's nose, olive skin, pitch black hair, and large ice-blue eyes...
She rolled the artistic trait, and I'm honestly not surprised.
One last shot of Adrian and Winny before he grows up.
Adrian: Winny, are you a mean moose?
Winny: *sigh* No kid. I am not a mean moose. We've been over this before. Doll. Imaginary friend. Real only to you.
Adrian: to me? imanary friend doll-eh. pfftt! Dolleh! *claps hands*
Winny: Aren't you supposed to be some kind of genius kid? I hate to say it but those standards must really have dropped...
I love Winny.
Adrian: Moose man! *sparkly sparkly*
This is Adrian. I couldn't find a moose shirt, so I left it as default. Have you ever noticed how some sims will grow into the same patterned clothing no matter where they are or what age you insert them into the town. What is that? XD
Oh right.
Adrian is evil.
I'm a little sad. I mean I love evil sims like I love my black cat, M&M and Aviator goggles but... Adrian? My baby, really? I guess he was always destined to be a conspiratorial little nasty. And who knows? Maybe he's not a psychotic laugh while drowning you with his bare hands evil genius but a friendly charismatic evil genius who is only evil because it's practical.
He is cute though. Him and his yellow hair...
Nari popped out her baby and it's a boy AND it's not twins.
His name is Aoi. He is a lazy virtuoso, an EA deemed couch potato. He does look an awful lot like a potato.
In a spin a light, red blue green, Morpheus feels dark lines engraving themselves into his face. 'No. Not yet,' he thinks. 'I've only just begun. This painting of my daughter isn't even done, and you're pulling me into...Middle age...'
Lina: Hey, dad. I heard you screaming up here. Is everything okay?
Morph: Yes. Go.
Lina: Oh...kay. Geez.
Morph: Why did this happen to me? I am supposed to be endless.
Yeah dude. That's not the way things work around here. Unless of course I want them to... but nah. You have to get old. It will look better for the family portraits.
Morph: Look at these hands. Wrinkled, and aged. So many paths have been marked, I have not chosen. I am not ready!
o_O Isn't it a little soon for him to be getting this senile?
Morph: The PATHS! The PATHS!

Shortly after that outburst I was notified of Morphy's midlife crisis.
Nari: Oh. These are pretty-
You can't see any lines. Wait... I see one... What the fuckadoodle-doo Nari? How did you age like that?

2 days later....
I open my game to find this stripey young man standing on the Valkinova's front lawn, and then I recognize him. He's Arson Leon. One of my creations for a previous neighborhood.
Here's the thing. At first I thought he was only creeping, but then I looked at the icon side bar, and saw his picture under Akira's. Okay, weird. I decided it must have been some kind of weird glitch and went into edit town to move him back in with his real family. They had to be somewhere right? Wrong. The Leons were not in a single house or apartment in Sunset Valley.
So, this is Arson. He's the Valkinova's new ward. I'll keep him around for a while. Maybe one of the girls will take a liking to him, and he can help out with the garden or something.
Ayame: Wishing for a better life then the one she's seemingly been handed on a dirty plastic plate.
I really like this picture.
Aleksa: Perpetually pissed off at everything, the whole world. That is except her new found love,Thomas. Will it last?
Anzhelina: Finding love of her own. Pretty nerdy red head boy asked me for a kiss and I said...
I'm actually hopeful for these two. They really hit it off. More next time.
Akira: So absorbed in her science, completely oblivious to the adult world around her. Logic, 5484932. Logic.
Adrian: Loves his Winny ever more. Winny, Winny, we'll rule the world. World Winny, the Whole World.
Winny: Yeah, whatever kid. I guess I'm kind of into you like that.
And Aoi: Now a toddler, bright eyed and terrible. I wonder what he'll be like.

I leave you with this image of Aleksa walking home from school. Yes. This is how she walks. Everywhere she goes. *shakes head* Favorite sim.

So that was it for chapter 1.3. I'm excited for the next one because after that it's the heir poll and I can finally move on from this baby booming sex fiend founder generation. yay!

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I read this a couple of days ago but I forgot to comment :L

anyway, i really like the way you narrated it. Aleksa and Adrian have to be my favourites :3 though Aoi is sooo 'dorables!!! <3

I hope this works. I've been trying to reply to your comment for days. Thanks! I love Aleksa and Adrian too.

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