Mr. Flufferknuckles

This is my cat. His real name is Constantine Xavier Lucifer Apocalypse, so I've aptly made up a bunch of nick names for him, eg. Connie, Moshimon, Bubba, and Mr. Flufferknuckles. He's not especially obese really, just a little chubby. His fat waddles back and forth as he moves. The thing is he's always hungry, Always, and since he's figured out how to open the fridge, and get his treats down from the cupboard, I've taken to hiding them in a new place everyday just in case he happens to catch their scent. Maybe he's too sheltered, he's been an indoor cat his whole life, I've been trying to let him come outside with me every once in a while in the hopes that he'll eat something really nasty, and stop being such a fatty lumpkin. ...It's not happening. He ate part of a rabbit yesterday that had been dead for 4 days, and he still came in wanting to eat some of my cinnamon roll.


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