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meiching's Journal

I enjoy those dreams you have where you know you're in the dream, and you start commanding the people within them,("Get out of my, dream you Screeching Virago!")Or the dreams where, you start hitting an imaginary pause button whenever you want to mull things over. ("It's funny how this is the subconscious dream realm I get stuck in. Every. Single. Time. Same malignant vehicles with malicious purposes, same stubby woman with the gratingly wicked laugh and the stifling grip [somewhere between Baba Yaga and Yubaba], and same bleak group of houses with closed shutters and open doors, and barren cornfields that no matter how long you walk across never seem to end.

Unfortunately I don't know much about music, but I do know that I enjoy instrumental. Anything from baroque classical harp tunes to electric cellos. I am also a fan of creepy circus music.